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Social media marketing has the power to grow your business online and strengthen your connection with your users. With tested and proven social networking methods, your website will develop a fantastic following through word of mouth online. Generate active traffic from your target audience and build your corporate brand with the help of social media marketing from Detroit Internet Marketing.

Access A Giant Source Of Potential Clients By Tapping Into Social Media Audiences

Why invest in social media marketing? Because there are millions of people on social media sites looking for businesses just like yours. Check out two social statistics (Sources: 1, 2):

  • From 2010 To 2012, The Percentage Of Americans Following A Brand On Social Media Doubled
  • 56% Of Americans Have A Profile On A Social Networking Site
  • 55% Of Americans 45-54 Years Old Have A Profile On A Social Network
  • 71% Of Online Adults Use Facebook
  • 40% Of Small Businesses Say Social Media Amplifies Word-Of-Mouth Referrals
  • 52% Of Social Media Marketers Have Gained Customers Through Facebook, And 35% Have Gained A Customer Through Twitter
  • 23% Of Facebook Users Check Their Accounts 5+ Times A Day
  • Companies That Generate Over 1,000 Facebook Likes Get Nearly 1,400 Website Visits A Day

The numbers don’t lie. There are endless marketing possibilities in the world of social media. Harness the power of social networking sites to generate a positive stream of traffic for your website. Call (248) 234-4830 today to learn more!

Cost Effective Social Media Marketing With Tested And Proven ROI Improvement Strategies

We cut through the confusion of social media marketing and help you focus your marketing on social platforms that are tested and proven to work. You won’t have to worry about spending money on social media marketing that saps valuable time and delivers poor ROI. Get on the fast-track to social media and blow away the competition with Detroit Internet Marketing’s amazing social marketing solutions. We promise to:

  • Deliver Cost Effective Social Medial Marketing
  • Help You Avoid Social Media Fads While Taking Advantage Of Platforms That Have Proven To Work
  • Specifically Target Your Ideal Customers And Entice New Prospects With Engaging Content And Online Promotions
  • Modernize Your Internet Marketing Campaign To Reach Active Social Media Users
  • Create A Strong Corporate Brand Around The Internet That Improves The Authority Of Your Business And Website
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These social media marketing efforts will increase your online reputation management ranking by creating a trustworthy brand for your business online. You can finally use social media to your advantage and retain clients longer while enticing new prospects actively looking for you product or services online. Talk to your target audience in a whole new way and enjoy the rewards of your investment.

Custom Social Media Marketing Fit For Your Business Specifically

Cookie cutter social media marketing campaigns are huge money pits that are sure to drive customers away from your business. At Detroit Internet Marketing, we know that every business has a different set of needs when it comes to reaching out to audiences through social media. You will get a customized marketing plan that is tailor made for your company and your audience. This will ensure that you maximize your ROI and build the traffic you need quickly and efficiently.

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