What Your Logo Needs To Be A Success

Logo Design Success Tips

Before you can take the steps for creating a website, ordering business cards, or even purchasing customized paper for your company, you need to settle on a logo. Your logo should consist of your company’s name and a vibrant design and graphics that allow your customer to quickly recognize your business. Your logo is probably one of the single most important elements to your company, as it will end up being slapped on everything that represents who you are and what you do.

Color and graphics are extremely important with any logo. It should portray the overall feel and impression of your company, and send a positive reaction. For example, if your company is in the organic sector of the economy, you’re going to want to create a logo that resonates with health oriented customers. It should embody environmental colors and warmth, along with naturally represented graphics. Consequently, if you made your organic logo portray neon yellow with expansive graphics, you’re going to confuse your customer and will not resonate as well to your target audience.

What do all great logos have in common? We’ll tell you!

  • They’re Simple – Any design that is simple is easier to look at and digest. It will be easier to pick out of the rest of the logos, and your customer will appreciate your clear and no-nonsense message.
  • They’re Consistent – We’ve talked about this numerous times, but the best way to ensure continuous reputation management and brand authenticity, is to remain consistent across every medium. This is also true for you logo. When you communicate ideas, concerns, and products to your customers, your logos needs to fit every mold. Before settling on a logo, consider making sure your key company characteristics are decided and incorporated into the design.
  • They’re Memorable – Just like being simple, your logo needs to be stored away in your customers mind as a memorable piece. The easier your customer can recognize your logo, the more likely they will be coming back to your business for more.
  • They’re Remarkable – Your logo should also represent why you’re the best in your business. How do you capture this? Make sure any graphic designs are methodically planned out, and industry related. Any key player that may partner with your business will appreciate this insight, and be more likely to recommend you to others.
  • They’re Tested – Even if you’re confident on what your logo will look like, make sure to test it out with market research. By implementing an online survey, you can quickly get feedback on how your logo fairs, for a limited cost. Make sure to listen to the feedback, as it could be the difference between your company’s success or failure.

At Detroit Internet Marketing, we suggest always hiring a professional when creating your company logo. You may have the ideas and the creation behind the logo, but let a seasoned pro get you the look and clarity that your company needs! Make sure your company foundation is strong and focus on your logo!