What Your Competition Can Tell You About Your SEO Strategies

Get SEO Strategies From Your Competition

Coming up with new SEO strategies can sometimes be a challenge. It seems that the moment you find something that works, Google changes its algorithm and throws off all of your hard work. If you are trying to see what will and will not work for your business, you may want to take a look at the businesses you compete with. Here’s a look at what your competition can tell you about your SEO strategies.

See What You’re Doing Right

If your website and business as a whole is doing significantly better than the competition, you’re doing something right. Think about Walmart and Kmart. They serve the same basic group of people and offer the same basic services, but Walmart is much more successful than Kmart. This comes down to marketing strategies, product placement, price points, etc. Walmart can easily see that it is doing something right because Kmart is failing to replicate their dominance. You could do the same with your competition.

See What You’re Doing Wrong

If your business isn’t as successful as you hoped it would be, you could get ideas for new tactics from your competition. For example, let’s say that you spent hundreds of dollars getting a beautiful flash template for your website. Your competitor has one of the most simplistic websites you’ve ever seen, yet they get twice as much business. This may be because your target customers don’t have a strong enough internet connection to load your site properly, or because most of your clients try to access your site from their phones. In those cases, simpler is better.

Note that with SEO strategies, timing is everything. Don’t try to change too much too quickly or you may end up ruining all of the work you have already done.

Get Inspiration For The Future

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look at your competition just to see if you can get inspired for future SEO strategies. If you can see that your main competitor is trying a new campaign, keep an eye on it and see if it results in more business for them. If it doesn’t work, you’ll know what not to do in your own marketing scheme. We’re not suggesting that you steal ideas from your competition – quite the opposite actually. Get inspired by their SEO strategies and stick to the ones that you already know work well for you.