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Call (248) 234-4830 today and take advantage of personalized service and winning online strategies for internet marketing in Michigan and Local SEO. Detroit Internet Marketing, LLC is a Michigan Internet marketing company that is experienced and trusted with offices right here in Troy, Michigan. We pride ourselves on our national SEO resources for local and national Search Engine Optimization with thousands of dollars of Internet marketing and SEO tools at our disposal.

We understand that your local Michigan internet marketing campaigns must be focused around providing you the highest possible return on your investment. FORGET those bogus “Gross Impression” reports other nonsense tracking by the so-called “Experts” at YP and other “Marketing Mills”. They only use these tactics to confuse you and make excuses for poor performance. AVOID getting stuck in long term contracts and all the hassles that come with a different sales rep every 6 months; or the pain and frustration of never being able to get a hold of your rep when you really need them!

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Step up to customized internet marketing service in Michigan by calling (248) 234-4830 today, and enjoy an owner operated Michigan Internet marketing firm that understands you need to grow your business and appreciate long term business relationships based on results, great customer service and mutual trust.

Our no-nonsense approach to local Internet marketing in Michigan and across the United States begins by carefully examining your business to determine your ideal customer as the target. From there, we work to develop a strong marketing message and integrate it into your website’s sales-pitch to properly engage your prospects and compel them to take the next step! Finally, you have the chance to tap into your most profitable markets using tested and proven local Michigan internet marketing and SEO strategies that work!

Detroit Internet Marketing’s street-tested internet marketing and SEO techniques are perfect for any type of business big or small, eCommerce or local contractor interested in higher rankings and greater profits from the Internet. Go with trusted and proven Internet marketing in Michigan along with the latest SEO strategies that work. Take advantage of Michigan website design, internet marketing, search engine optimization and local SEO from a full service digital marketing company right here in Michigan.

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Get the leader in Michigan Internet marketing and SEO today, and call (248) 234-4830 to set-up your FREE website evaluation. Your initial Internet marketing consultation is absolutely FREE and you have no obligation of any kind. We promise you will not be hounded by a salesperson or receive any unwanted phone calls. We are a trustworthy and hardworking Michigan Internet marketing company with over 10 years’ experience.

Step up to honesty and integrity in Michigan Internet marketing with a group of experienced professionals that really care about your business. We’ll be happy to send your references from our satisfied internet marketing customers that you may call for a one-on-one referral of our business. How many Michigan Internet marketing companies have the guts to do something like that?

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