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There is a fleet of people actively looking for your business. Whether you have a small mom-and-pop shop or a nationwide enterprise, there is an audience that fits your brand. Our job is to create paths that connect you with those high-converting individuals. We provide innovative internet marketing in Southfield MI with tested and proven results.

  • Local SEO and Proven Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Optimized with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Organic SEO, SMM, Email Marketing and PPC
  • Custom Content from Professional SEO Writers with Over a Decade of Experience
  • Personalized SEO Campaigns That Are Scaled to Fit Your Business Needs
  • Transparent Monthly Reports That Showcase Key Performance Indicators
  • Dynamic Website Design That’s Clean, User-Friendly, Keyword-Enriched and Free of Errors
  • SEO Consultants and PPC Experts That Remain Up-to-Date with the Latest Google Algorithm Changes
  • Plagiarism-Free Webpages and Blog Posts, Crafted Specifically for Your Business
  • Logo Design, Local Director Submissions, and Brand Development from a Trusted Internet Marketing Company in Southfield MI
  • Innovative Voice Search SEO for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Other Voice Devices

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Tailored Internet Marketing That’s Specific to Your Industry, Audience and Business Goals

There’s no such thing as a perfect internet marketing plan because campaigns need to be adapted. We use state-of-the-art software to collect data about your audience and how they interact with your brand. Then we use that information to persistently optimize our SEO strategies. We strive for perfection knowing that we’re constantly shifting a little closer to it. With Detroit Internet Marketing, you get versatile marketing strategies that keep you on Google’s good side.

  • You Don’t Have a Generic Business, So Why Settle for Generic Internet Marketing?
  • Detroit Internet Marketing Is Known for Creative SEO Plans (We’ve Been Doing This Since 2009!)
  • We Collect Real-Time Data to Optimize Your Marketing Content and Reduce Ad Costs
  • Our Local Internet Marketers Understand the Southfield Audience Because We Are the Audience!
  • Find What Works and What Doesn’t to Maximize Your ROI with Proven SEO Strategies
  • Get Answers from a Dedicated Account Manager, Not a Call Center

You can get a free internet marketing consultation from a renowned internet marketer in Southfield MI. Call (248) 234-4830 to get started.

A Team of Internet Marketing Experts Who Specialize in Web Design, Content Creation, PPC and More

Detroit Internet Marketing has a multi-faceted staff, all with unique experience in their respective fields. Our team includes seasoned PPC consultants, master SEO writers, elite web designers, knowledgeable project managers, reputable internet marketers, and much more. With our SEO company on your side, you have the power to build a recognizable brand online.

See What Our Clients Are Saying on Google

Great company to work with, we have been partnered with then for the last few years and we have seen consistent gains in the amount of traffic that we are getting each month.
Andrew N.
Detroit Internet Marketing is a top notch business. If your looking for a marketing company, look no further. Take the advice from this team, and I assure you, you won't be disappointed.
Jason M.
I have been working with Detroit Internet Marketing as Revitalize Plastic Surgery for 3 years and couldn't be happier. They have completed 2 website and manage our email marketing. Very knowledgable and responsive.
Kathy S.
Chris and his team have done a great job for my company's internet and online marketing. From website design, promotional ideas and SEO they have truly helped my business which keeps me and my patients smiling.
Mitchell M.
We have been working with Detroit Internet Marketing for about 4 years now. They have helped us boost our SEO and on line presence. Chris and the entire staff is great , very professional and I trust them to guide us to make the right decisions. They are always trying to come up with new strategies to help with our business. I would highly recommend them!!
Jill M.
Detroit Internet Marketing did a fantastic job in building our new website and getting it on first page of Google. We appreciate their professionalism and expertise. Chris and Scott did a great job in explaining everything to me so we could really get a grasp on what was going on. The results were much better than we all expected, and our business life on the internet is fabulous. Great job!
Barb M.
Detroit Internet Marketing served me well as I stepped into the design and launch of my new website. Their ideas, guidance, and above all, their patience with my own lack of experience in this area was absolutely amazing! I would recommend this company to anyone who is in need of expanding their marketing efforts for their business/products. You won't be disappointed!
cristina B.
Great experience, they really know what they’re doing when it comes to generating leads for a business, definitely if you have a business I would recommend them.
Tarek N.
We love the professionalism and very high level of SEO internet marketing from the entire staff. We strongly recommend their digital marketing services to any company that is serious about taking their website and online marketing to the highest level!
virginia C.
I can not say enough about my experience with Detroit Internet Marketing. When we opened in 2018, our marketing strategy consisted primarily of social media posts and sponsoring posts. We were able to generate "likes" but that did not translate into door swings. We saw results immediately once we started working with Detroit Internet Marketing. Door swings, phone calls, sales conversions sky rocketed as well as our search ranking. Their ability to strategically target our customers has meant we are spending less money for greater results, and that has kept us relevant in todays fast changing business landscape. Chris, Scott and everyone at Detroit Internet Marketing does a fantastic job.Brad TouchetteClutch & Throttle, Detroit MI
Bradford T.
If you want a great SEO team to learn your business and assist you with generating more leads, then you need Detroit Internet Marketing. I would highly recommend them as they have done wonders for our law firm!
Daniel L.
We love the professionalism and elite level of digital marketing capabilities from the entire staff. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is serious about taking their website and online marketing to the highest level.
virginia C.
Wonderful experience working with Detroit Internet Marketing. Very professional staff who were responsive to our needs during website development and subsequent successful marketing campaign. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to take their online presence to the next level- they are superb!
Roger L.
This company very detailed in what they do. They have a answer for every question I have. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
dennis L.
Great company to work with. We have been working with them for the last couple of years for SEO on our website and we are very pleased with the increased traffic we have gotten.
Andrew N.
Detroit Internet Marketing has been an amazing company to work with. Very happy customer. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for marketing needs.
Michael P.
I continue to be very impressed with the professionalism and service I receive from Detroit Internet Marketing. They did a wonderful job redesigning our website and have provided exceptional SEO on an ongoing basis. I would highly recommend them to any business!
Roger L.
DIM has been a great help to my business. I am very happy with the leads I am receiving, and the presence they’re helping me creat on the internet. I highly recommend their services!
Bryan S.
I could not be more pleased to recommend Detroit Internet Marketing to my friends, family and any organization seeking to have a "Best Ever" presence on the Web. Working with this company was undoubtedly one of the wisest business decisions I have made as a CEO attempting to let the community know that we had an answer for their need. The team of DIM made our organization not only feel valued but they treated us like family. They are the real deal. You'll not regret choosing them as your online presence maker. Dr. H. Broomfield
Harry B.
I am a small business owner, and i hired detroit internet marketing to take care of my SEO and online presence. I am very happy with their services provided. They have been amazing to work with and I would absolutely recommend them to anybody looking for these services. Thank you detroit internet marketing. Keep up the great work.
Michael P.
Detroit Internet Marketing did a great job in building our website and getting it ranked on Google. We appreciate their professionalism and expertise, and Chris did a great job in explaining everything to me so I could better understand what was going on. The results were much better than expected and out business life on the internet is flourishing. Great job folks!
Barb M.
Can't recommend this group highly enough. We are in an emerging field and they devoted the time required to learn about our business and design a marketing campaign specifically designed to meet our needs AND our budget. Highly effective and a great value. One of the best business decisions I've made was hiring Detroit Internet Marketing to manage our online presence. Thank you Chris, Scott, Mitch and team!
Thomas N.

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