How Old Is Your Audience?


One of the fundamentals of any successful marketing strategy is understanding who your customers are and finding creative ways to connect with them.  This information will impact everything from target keywords to web design and more. A good SEO company will spend a great deal of time conducting an audience analysis before they start putting together an internet marketing campaign.

In the information below, we will go over the role that age plays in search engine optimization.

Digital Natives Vs. Digital Immigrants

More than a decade ago, Marc Pensky put out a paper titled Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants that perfectly explained how different generations interact with the internet. In the paper, Pensky described digital natives as those born after the invention of the internet (modern day Millennials). Everyone else fell into a category of digital immigrants, people who had to adapt to new technology and the World Wide Web as adults.

Digital natives and digital immigrants speak two different languages based on their upbringings. While there are plenty of digital immigrants who use the internet even better than their younger counterparts, they still have a different perspective on what the web is and how it can impact their lives. In essence, digital natives often take for granted the vast knowledge available right below their fingertips.

You don’t necessarily have to determine if your audience is native, immigrant, or something in between, but it will help you to know how your visitors view and interact with the web. Keep this in mind as you work with your SEO company on new marketing strategies.

How To Identify The Age Of Your Target Audience

If you know what age group of people you are reaching out to, you can adjust your SEO strategies to best accommodate their needs. In order to identify your target audience, you should:

  • Determine Which People Are Most Actively Looking For Your Products Or Services 
  • Look At The Audience For Your Successful Competitors 
  • Use Online Analytics To See Which People Are Already Attracted To Your Business 
  • Create Goals For An Age Group You Want To Reach Out To 
  • Identify Different Audiences For Different Products Or Services 

Figuring out the age of your audience is a combination of current performance statistics and future goals. Where do you see your business in the next few years, and which generation is going to get you there?

Adjusting Your SEO Strategies By Age

Over the next week, we will go over SEO tips by generation so you can adjust your webpage content, blog posts, and other writing to best reach out to your target audience. Check out these guides to learn more: