SEO Tips By Generation – Baby Boomers Generation

baby boomers

Baby Boomers represent the oldest generation in our SEO guide. These individuals did not grow up in a world of computers and smartphones, but they have learned to adapt to it over time. If your business is best suited for an older audience, these tips will help you adjust your SEO strategies to suit their unique needs.

Who Are Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers are people born between 1946 and 1964. The term “Baby Boomer” comes from the burst of births that happened after the end of World War II. Most Baby Boomers are now in their 50’s or 60’s, but that doesn’t mean they shy away from the internet. In fact, this generation has a unique outlook on the internet that makes Baby Boomers some of the biggest sources of online traffic for certain businesses.

SEO Statistics For Baby Boomers

How do Baby Boomers behave on the web? That depends on where they are and what they’re doing. For the most part, Baby Boomers view the internet as a source of information – an infinite resource that far surpasses the encyclopedias and library books that made up their childhoods. Because of this perspective, this generation is most likely to read every single word on a page, rather than skipping around to get to “the good stuff.”

Check out these SEO statistics for Baby Boomers:

  • 25% Of Baby Boomers Read 20+ Hours Of Content Online Every Week
  • 17% Of Baby Boomers Consume 15-20 Hours Of Web Content Each Week, Compared to 12% of Gen Xers And 11% Of Millennials
  • Baby Boomers Are Most Active Online In The Mornings, Between 5 AM And Noon
  • 43% Of Baby Boomers Consumer Online Content Via A Laptop
  • 40% Of Primary Tablet Users Are From This Generation
  • Baby Boomers Prefer Articles Under 200 Words
  • With Regards To Content By Genre, Baby Boomers Sore Above Other Generations In World News And Politics – They Fall Behind In Technology And Comedy
  • Videos Are The Most Common Type Of Content Shared By Baby Boomers

How To Adjust Your SEO Strategies For Baby Boomers

Your Baby Boomer SEO strategy should consist of long-tail keywords woven into concise but insightful content. Most members of this generation will look for sentences when they use a search engine, rather than shortened keywords like Millennials use. While you still should have short target keywords in your keyword pyramid, you need to also focus on questions your audience may ask. Incorporate these questions and their answers into your content, and you will quickly build a list of loyal visitors that come back to your site time and time again.