Organizing Your Keywords Into A Keyword Pyramid

keyword pyramid

Keywords are important elements to any solid SEO strategy, but they can become confusing and overwhelming over time. In order to create a cohesive campaign for search engine optimization, you need to organize your keywords the right way. The most common method for keyword organization is the use of a keyword pyramid, where certain keywords hold more weight than others. Let’s look at the basic structure of a keyword pyramid so you can create one for your website.

Primary Keywords – The Top Of The Keyword Pyramid

Primary keywords are the concepts that you want to hit the most for your website. Choose 3-5 of the most popular and most competitive keywords for your target market, and incorporate those throughout the website. It may take a while for you to rank well for these primary keywords, but you can keep them in mind as a long-term goal.

Secondary Keywords – The Middle Of The Keyword Pyramid

Secondary keywords are usually more specific than primary keywords, and they usually have lower competition to fight through. For instance, if your primary keyword is “Detroit roofing company,” your secondary keyword may be “roofing contractors in Macomb County.” The basic ideas of the primary keywords are still in place, but these words are easier to win high rankings for. As you conquer these, you will inevitably conquer the first tier too.

Choose another 3-5 secondary keywords to make up the middle section of your keyword pyramid.

Long Tail Phrases – The Bottom Of The Keyword Pyramid

Long tail phrases are usually easy to win, and they are more like sentences than target keywords. For example, the roofing company above may have a long tail keyword of “best roofing materials for homes in Detroit.” Select 4-6 long tail keywords with low competition and target them on landing pages for your website. Incorporating these phrases into your content can be tricky, but a good writer will know how to do this without sounding obnoxious and forced.

You May Need More Than One Keyword Pyramid

Sometimes you need a series of keyword pyramids to effectively market a website. You may have a pyramid for each service or product you offer, or you may have one for each region you serve. Keep the principles above in mind as you go about creating different keyword pyramids for your website, and you will effectively improve your search engine rankings.