How To Write A Webpage With Intent Behind It

Latent Semantic Indexing Want to make your webpages more powerful, more compelling, and more visible all at the same time? We’re not talking about a small change here. Imagine increasing your traffic levels tenfold and rising to the number one position in Google for your target keyword. This is all possible when you learn how to write a webpage with intent behind it.

What Does “Intent” Mean For Your Webpages?

Remember back in high school or college when the instructor told you to write an essay around a thesis? That idea applies to writing high-quality web content too. Every page that you put on your website needs to have a thesis – a theme – an “intent” behind the information that lets Google and your readers know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s the main focus of the page that you carry throughout the content.

Form Your Intent Around Your Target Keywords

The intent of your webpage needs to match the target keyword you are using for that page. This will usually happen on a landing page of the site, not the home page where there is no main focus to discuss. If you run a roofing business, you may have a landing page for each of your services and for each of the areas that you work in. The services would all be keywords to target individually, and they would form the individual intent for every page.

Where To Incorporate Your Intent And Target Keywords Into Your Webpages

There are several places in a webpage that should always have your intent in them. We will discuss each one of them briefly using the target keyword “Dog Trainers Detroit”:


Use the keyword in the first half of your title, as close to the front as possible.

The Best Dog Trainers Detroit Has To Offer!


Dog Trainers Detroit

You can make it as simple as the keyword itself, as long as it can logically stand on its own.


The description on a webpage is the small summary that shows up underneath the title in Google search results. Try to incorporate your intent as close to the front of the description as possible.

Professional, experienced dog trainers in Detroit offering obedience training, show handling, puppy training, and more. Flexible schedule and payment options available.

You might note the addition of the preposition “in” between trainers and Detroit. This is a stop word, or a word that search engines overlook when searching for keywords on a page. Prepositions, articles, and other words that act as connections between major concepts are considered stop words and can be incorporated without de-valuing a keyword or intent.

Headings And Subheadings

Use your intent in your <h> tags as often as possible. This will encompass the visible title or main heading of your page, along with subheadings throughout the page.

<h1>House Train Your Puppy With Experienced Dog Trainers In Detroit</h1>


<h2>What Our Dog Trainers In Detroit Can Do For Your Dog</h2>


You may not be able to work in the exact keyword for every subheading, but do so when it fits naturally. You may also want to incorporate a variation of the keyword, like…

<h2>What Our Detroit Dog Trainers Can Do For Your Dog</h2>

The meaning is still the same, but the reader won’t feel overwhelmed with repetition. We will discuss this more in the section about LSI below.


Of course, you need to emphasize your intent by incorporating keywords into your actual content. Ideally, your target keyword should represent 3% to 4% of the words on your page. In other words, it should have a keyword density of 3% to 4%. If your target phrases are 3-4 words each, you can work them once per paragraph and usually hit that density, depending on how long your paragraphs are.

Using Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords To Support Your Intent And Enhance Readability

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are synonyms for your target keywords that you should incorporate into your article. Not only will this improve your search engine visibility, but it will also improve the overall flow of your writing.

<h1>House Train Your Puppy With Experienced Dog Trainers In Detroit</h1>

With the help of the best dog trainers Detroit has to offer, you can teach your puppy to behave properly in your home. We have been training canines in the Detroit area for more than 20 years now, and we would love to house train your dog for you. We use tested and proved dog teaching tools to effectively transform puppies from birth to adulthood…

In that example, you can see several varieties of “dog trainers Detroit” in the content, such as “teach your puppy,” “training canines,” “dog teaching,” etc. These phrases all have the same basic theme, but they are worded differently for the purpose of LSI.

How To Analyze Your Existing Webpages To Add Intent And Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

If you already have a lot of content on your website, you can evaluate each page to see if it has an overall intent. Is there one keyword that stands out on the page, or is the theme all over the place? Again, the home page of your website is a bad example of a page that needs intent. Chances are it covers every area of your website and thus does not have a single focus to work with. Look at the subpages of your website and make sure that you have a strong intent for each of them.

Make note of target keywords that you do not have webpages for yet. Write content with intent that is focused on those keywords, and you will instantly add value to your website. Keep the quality of your content high as you write new pages, and prepare for the traffic to come.