SEO Tips By Generation – Millennials Generation


Millennials are the youngest generation in our SEO guide. They are the original “web surfers,” born in an era of dial-up internet turned Wi-Fi. While this generation may seem the most likely to spend time online, the way they interact with the internet is vastly different than behaviors for older generations. Read on to learn how you can adjust your SEO strategies to appeal to the younger crowd.

Who Are Millennials?

Millennials, or members of the Millennial Generation (Generation Y), are people born in the early 1980’s to early 2000’s. these young adults are often described as 18-34 year olds, though that age range will vary by resource. Most Millennials have grown up with computers, the internet, smartphones, tablets, and other technology that wasn’t around for Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. Because of this, Millennials know how to use the internet to quickly acquire the information they need – and they have a short attention span to match their need for speed.

SEO Statistics For Millennials

Millennials have a “get in, get out” mentality when they consume content online. They want to spend the least amount of time possible to get the most information they can. This generation has abandoned the phone book and the library in favor of Google and Bing, and their behavioral patterns reflect their high-energy lifestyles.

Check out these SEO statistics for Millennials:

  • 23% Of Millennials Read 5-10 Hours Of Content Online Every Week 
  • Only 11% Of Millennials Read 15-20 Hours Of Online Content Weekly 
  • Millennials Are Most Active Online In The Late Evening, With 35% Logging On Between 8 PM And Midnight 
  • 35% Of Millennials Consumer Online Content Via A Laptop, 27% Via A Mobile Device 
  • 52% Of Mobile Users Are From Generation X 
  • 26% Of Millennials Prefer Articles Around 300 Words, While Only 14% Read Articles 500+ Words Long 
  • For Content By Genre, Millennials Are Significantly More Interested In Technology And Entertainment Than Other Generations – They Fall Behind In Politics And World News 
  • Millennials Are More Likely To Share Memes And GIFs Than Any Other Generation 

How To Adjust Your SEO Strategies For Millennials

Millennials are extremely keyword driven. Presenting bolded keywords in quick, concise content is crucial in reaching out to this generation. This generation is extremely familiar with how search engines work, so they are less likely to look for longtail keywords and sentences in searches. Instead, they look for targeted keywords that your SEO content should include. Focus on mobile-friendly content in your writing, web design, and image use, and you’ll have a great chance at connecting with Millennials on the go.