Should My Website Be Compatible For Mobile?

Girl Using iPad In Forest

Ten years ago, there was no real need to make a website show up well on a mobile device. While there were plenty of smartphones on the market at that time, mobile technology hadn’t really taken off. Nowadays though, tablets and smartphones are everywhere, even in underdeveloped countries with very little internet access. If you’re asking yourself, “Should my website have mobile compatibility?”, the short answer is “Yes…yes…and more yes!”

5 Interesting Facts About Mobile Internet Usage

To get rid of any question you may have in your mind about mobile compatibility, consider these five statistics about mobile internet usage:

  • 4 Out Of Every 5 Consumers Use Their Phones To Shop (Source)
  • More Than 65% Of Americans Own A Smartphone (Source)
  • 75% Of Americans Admit To Bringing Their Phones With Them To The Bathroom (Source)
  • 70% Of Mobile Searches Result In A Call, Visit, Or Purchase Within 1 Hour (Source)
  • In February, 2014, Mobile Internet Usage Surpassed Desktop Internet Usage (Source)

Long story short, we are all addicted to our phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. They are convenient, portable, and consistently reliable. That’s why your website should be optimized to work with them.

Responsive Web Design Is The Key To Mobile Compatibility

In order for your website to be compatible across all mobile platforms, you need to focus on responsive website design. This means that your website template will be coded to work on tablets, iPhones, and all Android devices. Back in the day, websites simply had to be coded to work with different web browsers, like Firefox, AOL, and Internet Explorer. Now they must work with different devices just as well.

At Detroit Internet Marketing, we work with the most up-to-date content management system available that is already enhanced with responsive website design. Your site will show up well no matter how someone goes about finding it.

Should I Get An App For My Business?

Approximately 85% of mobile users prefer mobile apps over mobile web, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an app is right for your business. If you can come up with an app that offers a service to your clients, by all means have it developed. If your app is just a watered down version of your website though, you will be better off enhancing your mobile compatibility and leaving it at that. Assess the options available for your business and come up with a plan that is right for you.