Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is extremely important in today’s technological world. Smartphones, tablets, mobile readers, and more all have specific formats that your website needs to adapt to. Get an intelligent and flexible website design that can adjust to any device, guaranteed! You will reach your audience no matter how they find you.

Mobile Devices Are Changing The Ways People Access The Internet

We stress the importance of mobile compatibility because mobile devices are changing the way people access the internet. A potential customer no longer has to go home to look up information about your business. He can find it instantly on his smartphone while he is already in the area. This instant connection to customers is what will drive your business to success, but that can only happen with proper mobile compatibility.

Consider the following mobile marketing statistics:

  • In 2012, More Than 50% Of Local Internet Searches Were Conducted Through A Mobile Device
  • Over 20% Of Google Searches Come From Mobile Phones And Tablets
  • In The U.S., 25% Of Internet Users Rely Purely On Their Mobile Devices To Access The Internet
  • Mobile Internet Usage Is Expected To Overtake Desktop Internet Usage By The End Of 2014

With an estimated 1.75 billion smartphone users in the world today, it’s easy to see why your website needs to be compatible with mobile devices. With complete compatibility for mobile devices, your website will reach users no matter where they are.

Mobile Compatibility Requires Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the ability of a website’s template to adjust to different screen sizes. The screen on an iPhone is much different than a screen on a desktop computer. Your website needs to be coded to work with any device someone may use to access it. We have the tools to ensure that happens.

Responsive web design leads to:

Mobile Responsive Websites
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  • Multi-Device Adaptation Across All Mobile Platforms
  • Improved SEO And Search Engine Ranking
  • Better User Experiences That Result In Higher Lead Conversions
  • Easy Website Maintenance To Cut Back Long Term Costs
  • Faster Load Times And More Efficient Site Navigation
  • Increased Mobile Sales And Mobile Traffic
  • Streamline Transitions From Desktop To Mobile And Back
  • Hassle-Free Changes When New Mobile Devices Hit The Market
  • Superior Offline Browsing Experience

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Be Prepared For The Mobile Developments Of The Future

With each passing year, more mobile devices come out to the market. Rather than paying to have your web design adjusted for every new device, you can invest in responsive web design that will make those adjustments for you. Reach out to a broader audience and connect with people who are ready to take action. Your website will already be set up for the technology of the future.

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