Search Engine Ranking Vs. Google PageRank – What’s The Difference?

search engine ranking

The terms search engine ranking and Google PageRank are often used interchangeably, but they represent two different website analytics. While they both play a role in your site’s overall success online, they do so in very different ways. To fully understand your website’s standings on Google and other search engines, you need to know the difference between search engine ranking and page ranking. The information below should help you see just that.

Definition Of Search Engine Ranking Vs. Google PageRank

In their basic form, these two terms are defined as follows…

  • Search Engine Ranking: The position a website or webpage holds in a search engine for specific keywords. Each page on your site, including the home page, will hold a ranking for various search terms people may use to find your business online.
  • Google PageRank: The ranking your website or webpage holds on Google with regard to backlinks from other websites. The more links you have from other sites pointing to your site, the higher your Google PR will be.

How Search Ranking And Page Ranking Work With One Another

Your page rank will influence your search ranking, but having a high PR will not necessarily guarantee a high position in Google for your target search terms. For instance, you may buy an existing website because it has a high PR, but if you change the nature of the site, you may not rank well for your new search terms. At the same time having no PR won’t do you much good either. You have to find a way to boost your search engine ranking and page ranking at the same time to improve your internet marketing altogether.

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Improve Your Ranking Across The Board

There are individual tricks you can use to boost your PR and increase your search engine ranking, but one fool-proof method works for both simultaneously. What is this golden SEO technique, you ask? Creating quality content on your website. Search engines as a whole reward sites with good content on them because they provide a positive user experience for visitors. Conversely, bad content will hurt your placement on search engines and your ranking with Google.

Great content is guaranteed to improve your website’s ranking no matter what. Find a professional SEO copywriter to create the webpages and blog posts for your site, and you will be able to appeal to your readers and search engines at the same time.