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You’ve heard about the power of social media marketing, but do you know why your business needs to be using it?  Have you considered that social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and devise clever, fresh ways to market your brand?

Here are ten more reasons why local Michigan companies depend on a strong platform to grow their business.

  1. Word of mouth is the most effective way to get people interested in your product/service.  You have the opportunity to connect directly with Detroit metro area influencers who can spread the word about your product or service.
  2. Social media can help you determine what is trending in your area.  There is no better way than to use social media to find out what your customers care about and are interested in.
  3. There more often you show up in search results; the more relevant you are in a customer’s opinion.  Each time you add a blog post, digital platform, link or image, you are creating another search result for customers to find you.
  4. Social media is a great platform to introduce new products, advertise, offer local discounts and kick off contests.
  5. A no cost way to advertise that will last a lifetime.  When you promote your product or service on the internet, you don’t have to worry about publicity that lasts a limited time.  Once your information is out on the web, it will stay there.  Your content has the potential to be shared by customers for years to come.
  6. By being on the web, you have the opportunity to see what the competition is up to.  Because the web is an open platform, you have the chance to see what techniques the competitors are implementing, how they are reaching out to find new customers and how customers are reacting to their marketing techniques.
  7. Focus on the local metro Detroit area with searches geared to connect with customers who live in the direct area where you have your business.
  8. Daily engagement with your customers shows you care about them and also gives you the opportunity to show off your company’s personality.
  9. Get support from your customers by asking for them to “like” a page, share some content, or write a review.  This is an excellent way to create long term value of your product or service.
  10. Damage control has never been easier.  Respond quickly and directly to a disgruntled customer.  Turn a bad experience around by showing you care about your customers and are ready to take action when they are disappointed.

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