4 Social Sharing Websites You Should Be Watching

Social Media Sharing Websites

Social sharing websites get a ton of traffic from people all around the world. These sites are home to the viral content on the web that eventually makes major headlines. The funny images and articles that you share on your personal Facebook page are usually the result of these sites.

If you want to get ahead of the game, you could keep an eye on these websites and promote relevant content from them on your blog or social networking accounts. This will keep you up to date with current trends, and it will show your readers that essentially, you’re one of the “cool kids.”

Here are four social sharing websites you should be watching…and why.


Reddit is a massive site that allows users to post pictures and stories for other people to comment on. This could be anything from a local news story to a funny event that happened in someone’s personal life. If other people like what they see, they upvote the content until it goes viral.

It would be impossible for you to see every single thing that goes on with Reddit, but try to pay attention to whatever the most viral content is at the moment. This will give you an idea of what people like to see and read.


Imgur is actually a partner site with Reddit, but it stands on its own as well. In order to post images on Reddit, users have to upload them to Imgur. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who upload images onto Imgur without ever using Reddit. Imgur is somewhat easier to use than Reddit because it’s basically a series of images that people upvote, downvote, comment on, etc. Browse through the front page and see what inside jokes are forming on the site. You might be able to get in on them.

Quick Case Study: @AnthonyCapo and Jimmy John’s

@AnthonyCapo posted a story/image on Imgur about an event happening in his life, and he provided frequent updates about it as the event progressed. Users on the site were so enthralled with the story that it went mega viral and took over the entire front page of Imgur. In the updates in the comments, @AnthonyCapo mentioned something about eating a sandwich from Jimmy John’s. Jimmy John’s got word of this and posted a Tweet about it on their Twitter page. The people of Imgur went nuts, and Jimmy John’s gained a new following of people just for the funny comment they made.


4Chan is a much more primitive looking site than the others listed here, but that does not limit its following. The site describes itself as “a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images.” While much of the site is about Japanese culture, there are plenty of other stories and images to explore. Many of the best posts from 4Chan end up as printscreens on Imgur.


Tumblr is a giant collection of blogs that may take a little time to get used to. There are more than 92 billion posts on Tumblr to explore, but some of the conversations here take off. At the very least, you should know how to use Tumblr, and perhaps you should try following some people on there who are relevant to your business – maybe a celebrity or YouTube personality. When all else fails, hop back onto Imgur as people regularly posts funny comments and images they see from Tumblr on there. You can stay up to date with everything that is going on with the web and use it to your advantage.