Big Branding Techniques You Can Apply To Your Small Business

Big Branding Techniques For Small Businesses

Small businesses shouldn’t think that only the big dogs are the front runners in the branding game. Take the time to build your brand, and you’ll see a tremendous growth in business and reputation, regardless of the size of your entity!

Building a brand is important for any company, big or small, to make a priority. Just like the deadlines you have to meet are vitally important, so is getting the word out that your product or service is worth purchasing. Don’t feel like you need to dive into a crazy branding or reputation management agenda in order to level the playing field. Here are a few key branding elements to take from the biggest businesses and apply it to your smaller companies.

  1. Keep your message clear – Imagine the Pepsi logo in your head. Now try and picture the Pepsi logo with pink font. How much did you just cringe? By creating a strong and viable brand that is consistent across every board, customers will know who you are immediately, and not even take a second look at an imposter. Raise the standard for your brand and implement a strategy to meet your customer demands.
  2. Put someone in charge of your brand – Your inventory crew is constantly working to make sure orders are in and out in a timely fashion. Additionally, you need to add a branding manager that will also make sure that everything that you do, in and outside of your company, is just as efficient. Creating a new product? Make sure the brand manager is at the meeting. Want to change your packaging? Make sure the brand manager is on board. Need to increase customer service options? Your brand manager has the answers on what your customers want and need out of your business. Make sure your brand manager is along for every ride your business goes through, to ensure smooth reputation management.
  3. Tell your best stories – Don’t let the big business have all the fun with great storytelling. There is always a way that you can tell an amazing story, and strike a chord within your customers. Explain how you created your company. Tell your customer why your product or service is so important to your soul. Don’t worry about what markets the best, and make sure that you tell the story from the heart. You’ll be surprised as to how many people truly appreciate this connection with your company.
  4. Analyze your metrics – Hopefully, you are tracking your online data. How many people are coming to your site, what they are doing, and what is lacking, should all be areas you’re constantly updating and checking for improvements. However, many smaller companies are not doing anything with the data they receive. Figure out what you need most of your online realm, and then find ways to send more people to these areas and keep track of that specific data. Keep things simple, and you’ll end up making things easier on the customer’s end as well.
  5. Reach out to your community – The strongest brands are also large community members, activists, and game changers for life around us. Find ways that your company can actively connect with the community, and allow everyone to feel wanted. Encourage feedback from your customers if you need more help finding ways to get involved.

What big brands are your favorite? There is probably a good reason why you like them so much. Take what you love from your favorite big brands and add their techniques into your smaller business now!