web design colors

Choosing Your Web Design Colors: Part 1

The color of your website may seem like a personal choice, but it is much more than that. Each color in your web design has an implied meaning, and it gives your visitors a feeling when they come to your website. This happens subconsciously, but it can make or break your success online. Here are …

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Slow Loading Annoying Website

Is Your Website Annoying?

If your website is not attracting more visitors, the problem could lie more in the website itself and not just your company. We’ve compiled a list of the most annoying website trends and elements that are doing nothing but losing you business. Check your website to see if you’re a culprit of these bad ideas! …

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website slideshow

Top 5 Features NOT To Include In A Website Slider

We recently discussed the most important features to include in a website slider, including promotions, seasonal services, hot topics, and more. Having valuable content in your homepage slideshow will enhance your website design and improve your search ranking as a whole. In this article, we’ll go over the top five features NOT to include in …

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HTTPS encryption

Google Wants You To Switch From HTTP To HTTPS Encryption – Here’s Why

Last August, Google hinted at changes to their search engine algorithm through a post on their Webmaster Central Blog. In the article, Google Webmaster Trends Analysts Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes suggested that websites switch from HTTP to HTTPS encryption to better secure their sites and protect their visitors from fraud. More importantly, the …

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mobile compatibility

Mobile Compatibility: 33% Of Online Shoppers Come From Smartphones

If your website does not have mobile compatibility, you could be missing out on a key source of traffic that will only continue to grow over time. New research from Demandware Inc. shows that 33% of all ecommerce traffic comes from smartphones, as of the fourth quarter, 2014. Smartphones also accounted for 16% of all …

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Girl Using iPad In Forest

Should My Website Be Compatible For Mobile?

Ten years ago, there was no real need to make a website show up well on a mobile device. While there were plenty of smartphones on the market at that time, mobile technology hadn’t really taken off. Nowadays though, tablets and smartphones are everywhere, even in underdeveloped countries with very little internet access. If you’re …

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WordPress Isn’t Just For Blogs Anymore

When it first came out, WordPress was designed to be an effective, user friendly blogging platform that could be customized to look like whatever someone wanted it to. While it does still hold the reigns over most of the blogging world, it has also made its way into other sectors of the web development community. …

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Mobile Websites: Now a Necessity

Over the last few years, search trends as reported by major search engines have shown a fast-moving upward trend in mobile searches. The smart phone has revolutionized the way we get information online, and our handheld devices are offering us a faster and more convenient way to find what we need while we are on …

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Get Feedback From Customers To Improve Your Web Design

Remember the age old idea that the customer is always right? Ever think it might apply to the web as well? While there are a lot of “trolls” on the internet, there are far more people out there who genuinely visit your site for its content. If you pay attention to what those people are …

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