7 Ways To Get The Most From Your SEO Services

Top 7 Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2019

With over 75,000 Google searches every second, you have to stand out in the crowd. To ensure your brand receives maximum visibility online, you must tap into modern search engine ranking factors. Let’s explore the most important Google ranking factors of 2019. 1 – Quality Content Enriched with Related Keywords Content has always been a …

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Google site search

Google Discontinues Site Search Function: Michigan Web Design

Google plans to discontinue its site search function this spring. This is the program that allowed websites to have the power of Google’s search engine technology specifically for their site. In other words, visitors could use a Google search bar to sift through blog posts and webpages on the site. Google has not officially made …

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web building

What Does It Cost To Build A Website? Part 2

Continued from Part 1  Website Content A great web design means nothing without great website content to back it up. This will include every word on every page of your website, from the home page to the services page and more. If you have a blog on your website, you may also need blog posts …

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build a website

What Does It Cost To Build A Website?

In theory, you can launch a website without spending any money at all. The problem is that you will end up with a generic website, hosted on a spam-ridden platform that will generate absolutely no traffic for your business. Not only will this hurt your online reputation, but it will also make it much more …

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web designer

Unexpectedly Important Features Of Web Design: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Web Browser Compatibility Your website should look good on every web browser, but few designers take the time to test that. Most of them will work with one browser they prefer, like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, AOL, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. With that in mind, not everyone uses the same web …

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web design features

Unexpectedly Important Features Of Web Design: Part 1

Most people assume that web design is all about making sites “look pretty,” and indeed, that is the basis of the job. True web development goes well beyond that though. It focuses on not only making a site visually appealing, but also making it function well and enhance the overall visibility of a company. It’s …

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wordpress basics

WordPress Basics Every Site Owner Should Know: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 The Function Of The Sidebar The sidebar is a feature on a WordPress site that is supposed to showcase consistent content throughout the site. This is somewhat like a marquee or billboard for the website, where you can put advertisements, special announcements, popular links, and more. Many website templates will include …

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wordpress basics

WordPress Basics Every Site Owner Should Know: Part 1

WordPress was designed to be a blogging platform, but it has become a user-friendly content management system for business websites, virtual stores, and much more. If you are a business owner with a WordPress based website, it may help to learn basic functions of your dashboard and posting options. The process is easier than you …

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old website

Should I Update A Website That Already Gets Traffic?

As a general rule of thumb, Google likes it when you update content on your website. This shows that the site is active, which means that it is providing some sort of value to the online community. With that in mind, there is some concern when an existing website already gets a ton of traffic. …

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website design colors

Choosing Your Web Design Colors: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Brightness Matters As Well Brightness and hue are two different matters entirely. You can have a dark pink background without making it neon pink. Again, you need to consider the feelings that your audience will experience when they visit your website. Bright colors can be visually off-putting because they may seem …

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