Top 7 Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2019

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With over 75,000 Google searches every second, you have to stand out in the crowd. To ensure your brand receives maximum visibility online, you must tap into modern search engine ranking factors. Let’s explore the most important Google ranking factors of 2019.

1 – Quality Content Enriched with Related Keywords

Content has always been a cornerstone of search engine optimization. Now more than ever, it’s important to develop well-written content that is engaging, thorough, and error-free. Moreover, the content should be enriched with keywords that show intent. This may include a primary keyword, along with related search terms.

Example: You’re writing a blog post about “how to prune rose bushes.” Related keywords may include “pruning roses in spring” or “how to trim rose bushes.” Adding these terms to the content will give it more intent, without detracting from the quality of the writing. Create concise but detailed content that conveys a clear message.

2 – Mobile Compatibility (Dynamic Web Design)

Mobile compatibility has been a Google ranking factor since 2016. Mobile searches are now more popular than desktop searches, especially in the local sector. That’s why Google takes into account a site’s mobile and desktop displays. Ideally, you should have a dynamic website design that converts desktop pages for mobile devices. This provides a streamlined, positive experience for all visitors.

3 – New and Frequently Updated Content

Our world is constantly changing, and the internet is no exception. Google now rewards sites for having new and freshly updated content. You can no longer rely on a successful post from years ago to draw in traffic for your website. Instead, you need to have consistently update content that keeps your business relevant and search-worthy.

4 – Organized Website Structure

Marie Kondo sparked an organization frenzy in 2019. That spirit shouldn’t stop at your sock drawer. Websites that are well-organized are easier for search engines to crawl. Having a silo structure with related content increases authority and visibility for select search terms. The site’s organization also impacts user experience – yet another search engine ranking factor.

5 – Secure URLs: HTTP vs. HTTPS

Several years ago, Google encouraged site owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS URLs. The “S” at the end stands for “Secure,” creating a better experience for users and businesses alike. HTTPS encryption is not a significant ranking factor at this time, but Google has persistently hinted that it will be in the future. It’s better to get on the right side of the matter now to avoid penalties with future Google updates.

6 – Purposeful Content That Promotes Authority

We mentioned above that your content should have intent. Every webpage, every blog post, every backlink and every social media post should have a specific purpose behind it. That purpose should be iterated several times over. For instance, if you are trying to be an authority on rose bush pruning, you may write blog posts with seasonal tips, rose pruning tools, advanced techniques, and more. You may also have webpages for rose pruning services in the communities you serve.

As you provide more content on a particular subject, you will gain authority. That authority is a valuable Google ranking factor for your business.

7 – Content Readability

Keywords aren’t the only factors to consider with content creation. Readability is also important. Breaking up large texts with subheadings and bullet lists will make it easier for readers to skim through each page. It also allows Google to navigate the page for long-tail keyword search results. If someone looks for “Should I prune rose bushes in winter?” and you have a paragraph with the same subheading, your content may be featured as an answer. This gives visitors confidence about your business, and it improves your visibility across the board.

Ready to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking in 2019?

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