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A great looking website is useless if it does not function properly. If your website has broken links, missing pages, confusing navigation, or anything else along those lines, you could be turning away potential customers without even knowing it. With the website repair services we offer at Detroit Internet Marketing, your website will be set up for guaranteed success. Stop wasting your money on a website that is not yielding any returns. Make a change for the better and grow your business online.

Bad Website Designs Turn Away Visitors And Search Engines Alike

A bad web design can hurt your search engine ranking and website traffic alike just because of the way the pages are laid out. One component of this is the website’s bounce rate, or the rate of people who come onto the page and then immediately leave. Approximately 40% of visitors will leave a web page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. At this time, the bounce rate jumps up to 100%, and it jumps to 150% when the page takes 8 seconds or more to load. Something as simple as a long loading time could drive traffic to your competition. Who wants that?

When Google, Bing, and Yahoo see how high your bounce rate is, they are going to stop promoting your website. They use this information to determine if your site is providing them with a positive user experience. If not, they don’t want more people to end up disappointed.

With professional website repair, you won’t have to worry about people leaving your website anymore. Contact Detroit Internet Marketing today at (586) 431-1300 to learn more.

Custom Website Repair To Improve Your Traffic And Your ROI

Each website design is completely unique, and there are a number of problems that can come up along the way. You will get a custom website repair that is designed to make your site look and function the best it possibly can. With Detroit Internet Marketing’s website repair services, you get:

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Invest in the right website repair early on and make the profits you deserve.

Enhance Your Range Of Impact By Incorporating Mobile compatibility In Your Website Repair

Mobile compatibility will allow your website to display well on any device, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. By integrating responsive web design as part of your website repair, you will be able to engage a larger audience and ensure that your site is set up for future technology. 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially, which means that people who access your website from a computer may move their search to a phone or tablet right away. Take this opportunity to make your site compatible with mobile devices so your clients can always stay connected.

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