How To Decrease Your Website’s Bounce Rate

bounce rate

The bounce rate on your website has a major impact on your site’s Google Page Rank. Sites with high bounce rates do not rank as well as sites with low bounce rates. You can adjust your content to improve your search engine ranking as a whole, simultaneously increasing the traffic coming to your website. Here is a guide explaining how to decrease your website’s bounce rate so you can rank better in the future.

What Is A Bounce Rate?

Before you can reduce your bounce rate, you need to have a clear understanding of what this measurement represents. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who only interact with one page on your website before leaving. If the majority of your visitors come to your home page and leave shortly after, you will have a high bounce rate. Google wants to see that people are interacting with your entire website because that shows they find your information and services to be valuable. Adjust your webpage content to decrease your bounce rate, and Google will reward you accordingly.

Ways To Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Here are some simple ways you can enhance your website content and reduce your bounce rate at the same time:

  • Interlink Your Webpages To Encourage People To Navigate Through Your Site
  • Vary Your Keywords On Each Page To Avoid Keyword Stuffing That Comes Across As Spam
  • Check Your Links To Make Sure They All Direct To Live Pages On Your Website
  • Provide Quality, Informative Content Throughout The Website – Give People The Info They WANT and NEED
  • Create Landing Pages For Different Services, Service Areas, Product Categories, And More
  • Add New Content On Your Site Regularly So People Will Want To Come Back Again And Again
  • Use Search Engine Optimization To Ensure People Land On The Right Page When They Come From A Search Engine

Overall, you need to make it easy for people to work their way through their website. Add menu bars, in-page links, and suggested content on your pages so people will naturally go to other parts of your website.

How Professional Copywriters Can Decrease Your Bounce Rate

A professional copywriter will be able to craft quality content for your website that falls in line with Google’s high standards. Contact Detroit Internet Marketing today at (248) 234-4830 to learn more about our content writing services and other SEO solutions.