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How to Fulfill Search Intent and Maximize Lead Conversion

Digital marketing was once the simple process of injecting keywords into content. As search engines and internet usage have evolved, so has the need for innovative marketing solutions. It’s no longer about learning what consumers are searching for. We must dive deep into the why. To do this, we have to look closely at the …

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Lead Conversion Checklist: Does the Content Fulfill Search Intent?

After identifying the search intent PART 1 and writing content to fulfill intent PART 2, all you have left are the finishing touches. These are the extra details that turn a good post into a great post. Follow this lead conversion checklist to confirm that the content fulfills the search intent. Review Keyword Optimization on …

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How to Write Content That Fulfills Search Intent

Understanding search intent is the first step in creating high-converting content. We’ve already discussed the types of search intent in the previous blog “How to Fulfill Search Intent and Maximize Lead Conversion” and how to use SERPs to find search intent. Now it’s time to apply that knowledge to the writing itself. Here are some …

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How to Reduce CPC in Google Ads

Worried about the cost of Google ads? Feel like you’re spending too much on pay-per-click advertising? It may be time to adjust your digital marketing strategies. Read on to learn how to reduce CPC in Google ads. CPC vs. CPA Cost per click (CPC) is the most commonly referenced advertising model, but it is not …

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How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Should blog posts be 500 words or 1,000+? What is the best content length for search ranking? There is a correlation between long blog posts and search performance, but that doesn’t mean every blog should be thousands of words. Read on to learn how to find the ideal blog post length for your unique needs. …

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What Is Smart Bidding with Google Ads?

…And How It Affects Google Ads Management Smart Bidding uses advanced technology to automate Google Ads bidding. This can lower your ad costs, optimize Google Ads management, and allow you to make the most of your marketing budget. Let’s explore how Smart Bidding works and why we use it for our digital marketing solutions. How …

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Man With Laptop Adjusting Our Digital Marketing Strategies for Google Core Web Vitals

Digital Marketing Strategies for Google Core Web Vitals

Google recently made Core Web Vitals official ranking factors for websites. We’ve already addressed what Core Web Vitals are, but we haven’t discussed the specific changes we’re making to our SEO and web design strategies. Read on to learn how Detroit Internet Marketing is making the shift toward even-better marketing practices. What We’re Already Doing …

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What Are Google Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are now official Google ranking factors for search results. Core Web Vitals look at key aspects of a user’s page experience, but what do they measure specifically? Here is a detailed explanation of what Google Core Web Vitals are and how they may impact your website. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): How long …

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Core Web Vitals Become Official Google Ranking Factors

Google is changing the way it ranks websites for search results. The largest search engine in the world is turning its attention toward user experience by making Core Web Vitals official ranking factors. What are Core Web Vitals and how will they impact your search engine marketing? Let’s dive into the changes. Core Web Vitals …

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How to Maximize Conversion Rates by Understanding Your Sales Funnel

Every business model relies on converting leads into sales. Whether you’re selling a service, a product or a philosophy, you direct clients through a sales funnel to convert them into paying customers. By understanding your sales funnel, you can maximize your conversion rates and overall return on investment. Let’s take a closer look at what …

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