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A Deep Dive into Google Penalties

Google has been a primary research tool on the internet since 1998. This search engine sets the industry standards for how websites are ranked, promoted, or ignored online. Successful lead generation requires one key component: staying on Google’s good side. One Google penalty could derail your entire digital marketing plan and any traffic you’ve developed …

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49% of Consumers Are Overwhelmed by Emails

Emails are an essential element of digital marketing. They remind customers of your brand and create meaningful relationships. But what happens when the emails become too frequent? What’s the right balance between outreach and overreach? Learn how to strategically connect with clients online without scaring them away. Study Finds That Nearly Half of Consumers Think …

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Google’s Update Promotes Content Written for Readers

We’re excited. Elated. Downright ecstatic about the latest Google algorithm update. The search engine announced they will launch the “helpful content update” next week to highlight sites with valuable, original information. Google wants to showcase content written for humans, not machines. And we are here for it! Read on to learn more about the changes. …

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Google Transitions from Universal Analytics to GA4

Google Analytics is a longstanding platform for measuring valuable website data. This data can be used to optimize your sales funnel and maximize ROI for digital marketing. Google is making a big shift to an updated version of Analytics, and that shift may impact your website. Read on to learn more about Google Analytics 4. …

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The Psychology of Web Design: Fonts, Color Theory and More

Effective website design is far more than putting pretty pictures on a page. It’s strategic, complicated, methodical, and ever-changing. By understanding the psychology of web design and the intricate components within, we can build a foundation for both brand development and high-converting digital marketing. What Defines Good Web Design? This is a simple question that …

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Detroit Internet Marketing SEO Guru

Detroit Internet Marketing: Local Agency. World-Class Resources

For over a decade, Detroit Internet Marketing has been helping businesses in Michigan gain an edge on the competition through personalized SEO and internet marketing services. What makes us different from the large, cookie-cutter SEO companies out there is that we bring not only a small-firm appeal but also unmatched experience that spans a national …

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SMX Highlights Importance of Voice Search in SEO

The Search Marketing Expo is an annual event featuring the country’s most elite marketing experts. The goal of SMX is to showcase cutting-edge changes in search engine optimization (SEO) through expert-led conferences and training sessions. Steve Guberman of Detroit Internet Marketing was among the experts in attendance at SMX. Here are some key takeaways from …

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Entities in Local Search Ranking: A New Approach to Local SEO

Entity-based local SEO became a hot trend in 2021. This approach is relatively complex, but it could set a foundation for your search engine ranking. Let’s take a look at what entities are, how they relate to local SEO, and what this could mean for your digital marketing. What Are Entities in Search Engine Marketing? …

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How to Fulfill Search Intent and Maximize Lead Conversion

Digital marketing was once the simple process of injecting keywords into content. As search engines and internet usage have evolved, so has the need for innovative marketing solutions. It’s no longer about learning what consumers are searching for. We must dive deep into the why. To do this, we have to look closely at the …

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Lead Conversion Checklist: Does the Content Fulfill Search Intent?

After identifying the search intent PART 1 and writing content to fulfill intent PART 2, all you have left are the finishing touches. These are the extra details that turn a good post into a great post. Follow this lead conversion checklist to confirm that the content fulfills the search intent. Review Keyword Optimization on …

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