Digital Marketing Strategies for Google Core Web Vitals

Man With Laptop Adjusting Our Digital Marketing Strategies for Google Core Web Vitals

Google recently made Core Web Vitals official ranking factors for websites. We’ve already addressed what Core Web Vitals are, but we haven’t discussed the specific changes we’re making to our SEO and web design strategies. Read on to learn how Detroit Internet Marketing is making the shift toward even-better marketing practices.

What We’re Already Doing Right

Detroit Internet Marketing has always offered ethical digital marketing. While other SEO companies tried to trick their way into page one rankings, we focused on quality content and easy-to-use website designs. Our digital marketing agency Troy MI strategies are driven by user experience. Core Web Vitals simply provide a better way to quantify that.

Detroit Internet Marketing offers:

  • Dynamic Website Design That Transitions Smoothly across All Devices
  • Easy-to-Load Webpages with Defined Image Sizes and Optimized Resolution
  • User-Friendly Navigation with No Broken Links or Faulty Redirects
  • Compelling Content That’s 100% Unique to Your Website
  • Contact Forms That Are Tested and Proven to Connect Customers with Your Business
  • Coordinating SEO and PPC Campaigns That Generate Traffic from All Angles
  • High Conversion Rates – Digital Marketing Strategies Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Superior Customer Service That Keeps You Informed of Your KPIs
  • A Team of Experts That Remain Up-to-Date with SEO Innovations

Your target audience defines our marketing approach. That’s the only way to maximize conversion rates and build your brand’s authority. By understanding your ideal customer, we can adapt website designs, written content, PPC ads and much more. Every optimization step we take is fueled by your core clients.

What We’re Changing for Core Web Vitals

Even though we had a solid foundation to build on, we’re always open to improvement. As soon as we learned about Core Web Vitals, we got to work.

Core Web Vitals are now part of the Google Search Console, which is one of the tools we use to measure site performance and correct website issues. We now keep track of Core Web Vitals, in addition to a variety of other metrics that impact ranking and conversion.

Our website designers have also adjusted their techniques to improve loading times and minimize content shifting. This has remained a staple in our web design services, but our efforts have been optimized to align with the updated ranking factors.

Core Web Vitals don’t just focus on the load times of the website. Individual pages can impact ranking in geo-specific markets. We analyze loading times and responses for individual pages, as well as the site as a whole. This is particularly beneficial for clients with local businesses. Our goal is to create a seamless user experience in every location, regardless of how a client lands on the website.

How We’re Preparing for Future Ranking Factor Changes

After 15+ years working in search engine optimization, we’ve learned that the tortoise always beats the hare. Flashy ad campaigns can grab a certain amount of traffic, but you need organic SEO to build your search engine ranking. By creating an enriched website filled with interesting content and high-converting keywords, we put your website in the perfect position for future optimization. Our ethical approach to internet marketing ensures that your website will only need minor tweaks for future algorithm changes. Google is always going to put the user first, and so will we.

Detroit Internet Marketing provides proactive website repair, forward-thinking organic SEO, adaptable website design and dependable customer support. We’re not intimidated by changes to come because our existing techniques can easily adapt to them.

If you’re interested in SEO and web design with Core Web Vitals in mind, contact Detroit Internet Marketing at (248) 234-4830.