Google’s Update Promotes Content Written for Readers

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We’re excited. Elated. Downright ecstatic about the latest Google algorithm update.

The search engine announced they will launch the “helpful content update” next week to highlight sites with valuable, original information. Google wants to showcase content written for humans, not machines. And we are here for it! Read on to learn more about the changes.

Google Rolls out One of the Biggest Updates of the Decade

Over the last two years, Google has turned its focus to user experience. We saw this with the release of Core Web Vitals – ranking factors designed to boost sites with fast load times.

Gone are the days when high keyword densities meant high search ranking. Instead, Google now aims to promote sites with fresh content written from a place of authority. Content written to “attract clicks rather than inform readers” will get demoted, and informative content will take top priority.

How This Will Impact Existing Content

This won’t affect much if your site is full of valuable information. If most of your blog posts are copy/pasted compilations of data from other sites, you may be in trouble. Google uses the example of a website with movie reviews. If it’s just a set of reviews from other sources, it won’t rank well in the new algorithm. It could, however, rank well with additional and unique commentary.

While many algorithm updates impact individual web pages, this update evaluates the entire website as a unit. Does the collective content on your website establish your brand as an authority in the industry? Or is it mostly a sea of keywords with photos sprinkled about? If you’re in the second category, it’s time for a content refresh.

Detroit Internet Marketing Has Always Put the Reader First

Why are we so thrilled about the helpful content update? Because this is exactly what we do! For more than a decade, Detroit Internet Marketing has approached search engine optimization from a user-first perspective. We deliver value-added content through data-driven marketing campaigns to connect your business with your target audience.

Every webpage and every blog post is uniquely crafted for your brand. Our seasoned SEO writers put themselves in the audience’s shoes. What information would they want to know most? What are they searching for to reach your brand? From there, they create keyword-enriched content that fulfills search intent without sacrificing user experience.  

But Wait…What about Keyword Density? Does That Still Matter?

Keywords will always matter. Search engines need some way to connect active searchers with your website. With this update, the way you use search terms matters more than their prevalence on the page.

Keyword density references how much a specific term is in a page of content. If the word “donut” was written 3 times in 100 words, donut would have a density of 3%. A strong keyword density may help search ranking, but it shouldn’t be the top priority. If an increase in keyword saturation decreases the readability or informativeness of the content, it’s not worth it.  

Should I Update Old Content on My Website?

If your site has a firm base of useful, original content, you should be fine. Continue operating as you have been and enjoy the rewards of the helpful content update.

If your site content is mostly written to rank well rather than inform readers, you may want to refresh the content. Think about what users are looking for before landing on your site. What would they want to know about your brand, your services, or your products? How can you enhance your content to make it more engaging?

Detroit Internet Marketing offers website repair services, including complete content rewrites, as needed. If you’d like a digital marketing analysis or more information about content creation, please call (248) 234-4830 to speak with an SEO consultant.