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For over a decade, Detroit Internet Marketing has been helping businesses in Michigan gain an edge on the competition through personalized SEO and internet marketing services. What makes us different from the large, cookie-cutter SEO companies out there is that we bring not only a small-firm appeal but also unmatched experience that spans a national level.

Our resources are able to offer the kind of expertise that million-dollar companies rely on for businesses like yours, with very little work on your part. Case in point, our SEO specialist Steve Guberman, who brings his national accolades to the metro Detroit market.

Steve Guberman From Detroit Internet Marketing, SEO Guru

To say Steve Guberman is an expert in SEO and internet marketing would be a huge understatement.

Steve brings to Detroit Internet Marketing two decades of SEO experience, with key roles at prestigious companies across the country including, and NBC Universal. His work in SEO, search engine marketing, Google Analytics and more has garnered him one of the prestigious roles he holds today: Director of Search and chief SEO strategist for Detroit Internet Marketing.

Previously, Steve has supervised many SEO efforts including the NBC Olympics website and search engine presence. Steve also has the experience with corporate enterprise-level SEO/SEM strategies for GolfNow, a division of NBC Universal, as well as other affiliated Golf Channel and NBC Sports affiliates.

In layman’s terms, he drives an extraordinary amount of traffic to the multi-million websites he works on.

Steve has been featured in many high-profile publications and sites like Search Engine Journal and to discuss his expertise. Most recently, he was handpicked to speak at the elite SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle. This conference gathers the best of the best in digital marketing — including leaders from Google, Bing and more — to discuss SEO and online marketing best practices.

Steve says his philosophy on search engine marketing is this: If you optimize it, they will come.

Now, he says, this shouldn’t be confused with the famous line from Field of Dreams — “If you build it, they will come.” Not so. Steve is quick to point out that you if you simply build a website, no matter how great it looks, you are not guaranteed visitors. He notes the first place folks go to research a service is Google. And if your company doesn’t have a presence there, well, you’re missing out on a lot of business. Business, he says, that Detroit Internet Marketing has helped scores of clients attain.

“What we do isn’t just a perceived value, it has helped clients’ businesses literally take off,” he says. “And that’s the stuff we love to hear,” he says.

What this means for your company

The beauty of all of this is that, with Detroit Internet Marketing, your company can get both personal service while also benefitting from premier SEO and internet marketing services that huge national companies use to propel their success.

Steve’s work at Detroit Internet Marketing comes into play behind the scenes and his unique skillset has helped our clients increase traffic and business by leaps and bounds. And, truth be told, his resume of accolades is hard — if not impossible — to come by in the metro Detroit area.

However, Steve credits Detroit Internet Marketing founder Christopher Bower with being the personal contact and go-to for each and every client locally.

“Chris will sit down with a local roofer or plumber or doctor or lawyer in the area and learn their business needs inside and out. He is the face of the company,” Steve says, noting that the trust built with Detroit Internet Marketing clients is unmatched, evidenced by years-long relationships with many local businesses. “It’s all about results. Our goal is for our clients to not have to call us. Then we know we are doing our job and their business is booming.”

Humble about his own skills and experience, Steve is proud to be able to bring your business, of any size, the same digital marketing services that large, national companies in New York or L.A. would, and do, receive.

Of the proven services Detroit Internet Marketing offers its clients, Steve says it’s pretty simple. “We take the very same technology that is used for million-dollar companies and apply it to small businesses. And it works,” he says. “We work with folks right here in metro Detroit — regardless of their budget — to bring them the same high-caliber results. And that, I think, speaks volumes about the company.”

If you would like to expand your company’s reach and get Fortune 500 results from a small local firm, contact Detroit Internet Marketing to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.