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Category Archives: Reputation Management

old website

Should I Update A Website That Already Gets Traffic?

As a general rule of thumb, Google likes it when you update content on your website. This shows that the site is active,…
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online reputation

Using SEO To Improve Your Online Reputation

Have a bad reputation online that you don't know how to fix? Reputation management strategies can help reduce the effects of negative reviews…
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Legacy Brand Identity

Your Legacy Won’t Keep Your Brand Alive Forever

Back in January, Kodak filed for bankruptcy. As one of the most influential companies in the 20th century, it did not stand much…
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Logo Design Success Tips

What Your Logo Needs To Be A Success

Before you can take the steps for creating a website, ordering business cards, or even purchasing customized paper for your company, you need…
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Big Branding Techniques For Small Businesses

Big Branding Techniques You Can Apply To Your Small Business

Small businesses shouldn’t think that only the big dogs are the front runners in the branding game. Take the time to build your…
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Personal Branding Concepts

Personal Branding Concepts That You Can Throw Out

We often talk about personal branding being just as important as company branding. However, there are many similar and contrasting ways to go…
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Customer Service And Brand Connection

Customer Service And Branding Are The Same Department

Customer experience doesn’t just sit with the abilities and technological aspects that you can apply to your company. Sure, your checkout process is…
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Best Customer Survey Data

Getting The Most Out Of Your Customer Surveys

Surveys for your company are a great tool when looking for more feedback on how you are perceived and regarded by your customers.…
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Brand Audit Can Help your Reputation

Is Your Brand Due For An Audit?

Ask yourself the following questions: Has our company been losing customers lately? Are we not picking up the momentum we once had before?…
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Be A Brand Everyone Loves With Brand Reputation Management

How To Be The Brand Everyone Loves

Whether you’re aware of it or not, if you have a company and you’re conducting business with customers, you’re already building your brand.…
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