Personal Branding Concepts That You Can Throw Out

Personal Branding Concepts

We often talk about personal branding being just as important as company branding. However, there are many similar and contrasting ways to go about both areas of reputation management. Below are some of the most common ideas that many think they need to incorporate into their personal brands, but we’re here to let you know they’re garbage!

  • Personal brands can be manufactured – Just like anything else in life and business, honesty is key. Your authentic nature will shine much brighter than a perception you’re trying to create out of nothing. Take off the mask and start being real. In order to truly connect with your audience, you’ll need to put the best version of yourself on display. This may require you to do some deep soul searching, but we promise it’ll be worth it.
  • Personal brands don’t work for shy personalities – The guy over in the other side of the room who is just constantly surrounded by people smiling and laughing clearly has a gift. However, don’t think that it isn’t possible for you to create just as strong of a brand and have to give up the essential parts of your personality. Not great in crowds and would rather stay at home? Work towards your strengths and create meaningful relationships with those who actually matter to your brand.
  • Personal brands don’t mix with company brands – We cannot emphasize this enough, but your personal brand is there to help your company brand! The more your company brand and personal brand coincide, the stronger each will become. Make sure your morals and goals are inline with what you are promoting, in order to maximize these efforts.
  • Personal brands are different online and offline – You may think that going to a networking event and publishing your next blog article are two separate entities of your brand. You’re wrong! The more you can correlate that you’re active and constantly promoting yourself, the stronger your personal brand will become. Next time the real and digital world collide, make sure to promote each area at the same time. Going to a great networking event? Promote your presence online. Making some great contacts at the networking event? Give them your business card and direct them to read more about you on your website.

The most important aspect to take away from personal branding is to do what comes naturally to you. Stop thinking about only what you think will sell, and start showcasing who you really are.