How To Write SEO Optimized Headings

seo optimized headlines

Headings and subheadings are important navigation tools for website content. They allow visitors to quickly sift through a long page of information to find what they’re really looking for. With this in mind, your headings could also play a key role in the search engine optimization for your website. By using the right words in the right places, you can peak Google’s interest and keep your readers happy at the same time.

Here are some quick tips explaining how to write SEO optimized headings for your web content.

Write Website Content With Intent Behind It

We can’t emphasize this enough. Every blog post, every webpage, every product description, and every service page should be written with intent. That means that you have an overall theme for the page established before your fingers ever hit the keyboard. What keywords will you be targeting for this page? What message do you want to convey about those keywords? Understanding what the intent is for your pages will make it easy for you to naturally SEO optimize your headings.

Create SEO Optimized Headings Ahead Of Time

One of the tricks that our professional copywriters use to generate powerful SEO optimized website content is to create the headings before the article is written. The headings act as an outline that you can use to guide the rest of your writing. For instance, if you are writing a how-to article, you could create a heading for each step in the process. Incorporate keywords as you see fit, and then you can craft the paragraphs that expand on each of your headings.

Write The Heading First – Add Keywords Later

Some people find it easier to write down their headings or their entire page first and then add in keywords later on. The only issue with this approach is that the keywords may come across as forced or unnatural if they don’t make sense in the content. Ideally, you should think about SEO optimization while you are writing so you can fill in the blanks that are already there. If your brain isn’t cooperating though, you can complete your writing and optimize it afterwards.

Let An SEO Company Do The Optimizing For You

There is nothing wrong with writing content on your own and having an SEO company spruce it up for you. Of course, you could allow that company to create your content from scratch, but you can be more active in your marketing if you like. At Detroit Internet Marketing, we provide a full range of SEO writing services we would love to discuss with you. Call us at (248) 234-4830 for a free consultation and learn which optimization option is perfect for you.