Voice Searches Affect SEO

How Voice Searches Are Transforming SEO Strategies

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants are changing the way we interact with technology. They add a layer of convenience to the busy, chaotic structure of modern life. Amazon alone has sold over 100 million Alexa devices, and nearly all smartphones now feature some form of voice-activated technology. What does this mean for …

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google knowledge panel

Metro Detroit Local SEO: What Is A Google Knowledge Panel?

When you start working on your local SEO strategies, you may come across the term “Knowledge Panel” or “Google Knowledge Panel.” This is the snippet of information that displays your business name, contact details, office hours, and other data when someone searches for your business online. Understanding how this information box works and what kind …

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local seo landing page

Writing Local SEO Landing Pages For Your Michigan Business

Every webpage on your site should have its own purpose. It may be purely informative, or it may target a keyword you want to rank for. With the right content writing strategies, you can enhance your search engine ranking and increase your lead conversions. In this guide, we will go over how to write a …

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seo services

7 Ways To Get The Most From Your SEO Services: Michigan SEO

It’s your SEO company’s job to make your marketing campaigns a success, but you can still be involved with the process. In fact, taking an active role in your SEO planning could speed up your results and give your internet marketers more information to work with. In the guide below, we will explain seven ways …

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target keyword

Transitioning To A New Target Keyword: Local SEO In Michigan

Flexibility is a key component to good local SEO strategies. Your internet marketing campaigns should constantly adjust to fit the needs of your business and your audience. There will eventually come a time when you need to expand to a new target keyword or make slight modifications to the ones you are already targeting. This …

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reviews from the web

How Google “Reviews From The Web” Impact Local SEO Marketing

In one of the latest Google updates, the search engine expanded the information displayed on local search results. On top of the Google+ reviews featured next to the business contact information, results will now showcase “reviews from the web.” Sites like Yelp and Facebook are on quick display, making it more important than ever to …

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local seo michigan

Local SEO: How Big Should My Target Area Be In Michigan?

The term “local SEO” is fairly generic if you aren’t exactly sure what “local” really is. This could refer to everything from the specific neighborhood you live/work in to the nearest metropolitan area. In Michigan, there is a wide range of locations to tackle in search engine optimization, especially if you work near Metro Detroit. …

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seo techniques for michigan

7 Best SEO Techniques For Michigan Businesses

Whether you work in Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, or the Upper Peninsula, you want your Michigan business to be a success. In the modern world, that requires consistent innovation and tactical internet marketing. Search engine optimization in Michigan requires careful strategizing, but with the right plan from the start, you are sure to stand out …

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local search

The Ultimate Guide for Local Search Domination

Crush the competition and take control of your niche market through safe and effective local search strategies. Whether you’re trying to make a name for yourself on the web or you want a stronger presence in your community, the information below will help you gain the visibility you deserve in your area. Check out the …

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