Transitioning To A New Target Keyword: Local SEO In Michigan

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Flexibility is a key component to good local SEO strategies. Your internet marketing campaigns should constantly adjust to fit the needs of your business and your audience. There will eventually come a time when you need to expand to a new target keyword or make slight modifications to the ones you are already targeting. This guide explains how to switch to a new marketing keyword so you can get the best results from the start.

Understand What Your Clients Are Looking For Right Now

Keyword research is crucial to the success of your local SEO. You must know what your audience is looking for so you can provide content that matches their searches. For instance, “internet marketing” was once a hot-topic keyword for our business because the term search engine optimization (SEO) was still fairly new. Now that search engines are so widely used, “local SEO” and similar keywords are worthy targets for our potential clients. Figure out current terminology associated with businesses in your industry, and you can adjust your SEO strategies to fit modern search terms.

Build A New Silo Around The Target Keyword

The best way to start your keyword transition is to create a new SEO silo for it. Let’s say you run a dentist office in Michigan and you want to promote your teeth whitening services. If you do not already have a “teeth whitening” parent page, you will need one. Then you can create a set of at least five child pages for teeth whitening in nearby locations (Teeth Whitening in Michigan, Teeth Whitening in Troy, Teeth Whitening in Metro Detroit, etc.). Having a silo in place will give Google something substantial to grab onto when it crawls your website, and it will quickly increase your website’s authority for a certain topic. We have seen tremendous results from silo creations with many of our local SEO campaigns.

Create Blog Posts That Support The Silo

After you make a silo around your new target keyword, create blog posts that further emphasize the information. You don’t necessarily need to link to your silo webpages in your blog posts (if you do, link to the parent page), but you can use this as an opportunity to add more keyword-centric content to your website. If you promote your blog posts on social media, people following your accounts may take notice of the new service or product and visit your website accordingly.

Note that because you have the local SEO webpages in place, people coming to your website for a blog post will have immediate access to more information about your new expansion. That means higher conversion rates and more money in your pocket!

Take A Break Between Transitions

The success of a new keyword campaign won’t happen overnight. You need to allow some time to see how your local SEO strategies are working and what you might need to do to improve them moving forward. If you haven’t seen any progress from a new keyword after a couple months, it may be time to test out a new one. If you have seen success though, continue working with that keyword so you can keep drawing in more clients.

We’re Here To Help

Don’t want to mess with all of this? We don’t blame you! Monitoring the success of a target keyword is difficult if you’re trying to run a business on top of that. At Detroit Internet Marketing, we do all the work for you. We will handle your PPC advertising, social media marketing, blog posts, SEO silo creation, and everything else that comes along with local internet marketing. Contact us today to get a free quote from a local SEO expert in Michigan.