Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

NO MORE pay per click (PPC) campaigns that spend tons of your hard-earned money while offering poor returns. We carefully analyze your specific industry and customize PPC ads that grab more prospects while dramatically minimizing the cost. Get a better return on investment with targeted ad campaigns that are tested and proven to generate leads that convert.

What Is PPC?

PPC or pay per click campaigns are marketing tools used to get your business ads to a wider audience online. Your ads will show up as featured listings on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines so that potential customers can easily find your products and services. You only pay for the advertising when someone clicks into your ad, which means that you don’t have to pay for traffic you aren’t generating.

How Much Money Does PPC Advertising Cost?

The cost of PPC ads will vary based on where you run your ads, how often you run them, and how aggressive you are with your campaign. The average cost per click was $0.92 in 2013, with an average click through rate of 0.5%. With proper placement, a single conversion will often cover the costs of your PPC ads for a month.

Flexible PPC Campaigns That Minimize Your Costs And Maximize Your Return

Our unique approach to Google Adwords and other PPC platforms delivers ongoing ad creation that constantly evolves to offer you the best ROI. This PPC proven strategy takes into account your competition’s marketing strategies and cycles your business goes through throughout the year. Your ads will be configured to match the products and services your customers are looking for, generating a steady stream of income well worth the cost of PPC advertising. Grow your bank account and product recognition online at the same time with the help of Detroit Internet Marketing. Call (248) 234-4830 to learn more!

Custom PPC Ads From Your Personal Team Of Internet Marketing Experts

With Detroit Internet Marketing’s PPC marketing services, you get:

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  • Customized PPC Campaigns For Your Specific Business
  • Pay Per Click Advertising For Any Size Budget
  • Low Set-Up Fees And The Highest Level Of PPC Service In The Industry
  • Ongoing PPC Monitoring For Optimum ROI
  • Strong Focus On Quality Landing Pages And High Click Through Rates
  • Free PPC Consultation With No Obligation
  • Personalized Service And Attention To Detail
  • Periodic Reviews Of Your PPC Campaign In Person

You work with the same pay per click team every month so you don’t have to worry about re-explaining your business goals. We listen to your feedback and work with you one-on-one to ensure that your PPC funds are well spent. By analyzing your campaigns and adjusting them throughout the year, we will keep your ads dynamic, powerful, and profitable.

Knowledgeable Advisors Set Out To Help Your Business Succeed Online

The fact is that PPC advertising isn’t for everyone. If we feel that there are other internet marketing methods that will work better for your business, we will let you know early on. While other internet marketers focus on selling their own services, we put the focus on you. Your success is our top priority, even if that means finding an alternative way to generate traffic for your website.

Work with an amazing team of marketing experts that truly want to see your business grow online. Call (248) 234-4830 to set up your consultation.