Website Repair Techniques for Google Penalties

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Google penalties can drastically hurt a site’s search ranking. Google promotes sites that offer valuable information and a positive user experience. If your site does not align with those standards, Google may remove it from search results altogether.

These proven website repair techniques for Google penalties will help get your website back in good standing.

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Follow Google’s Recommendations

Google provides details about each penalty in the Search Console. This allows webmasters to review the nature and extent of the penalty.

Below the penalty definition is a set of repair instructions. These are under the heading “How to fix this problem” or “Fix this problem now.” Google outlines what steps you need to take to repair your website before requesting reconsideration. Complete those steps and then submit your revised site for review.

Google’s instructions are somewhat vague, especially if you do not have extensive knowledge of what Google wants. You may need a website repair team like the specialists here at Detroit Internet Marketing to resolve content issues on your website adequately. Do not approach this lightly. An unresolved Google penalty could yield widespread devastation to your digital marketing campaigns.

Conduct a Site-Wide Investigation

The Google penalty may impact one webpage, a handful of pages, or your entire website. It’s best to evaluate the site as a whole to check for any potential violations. Do you have published pages on the site from the original design template? Are there blog posts filled with spam comments? Conduct a detailed spring cleaning across the site to optimize your chances of removing the penalty.

Remove Spam and Unnecessary Pages on the Site

If your website has been active for multiple years, you likely have old pages that are no longer relevant. Remove or de-index spam pages, filler content, or plagiarized content from other websites. If the pages in question receive decent traffic or are interlinked to other pages on your site, you may consider rewriting the content instead of removing the page.

Expand or Replace Thin Content

Thin content is one of the most common Google penalties. The last several algorithm updates have all focused on people-first content. Google wants to showcase search results that fulfill each user’s intent. The search engine highlights informative, well-written, and unique content, regardless of length.

Thin content can be long or short. The “thinness” comes from a lack of depth or authority. Assess the content on your site from a user’s perspective. Does each landing page answer questions and serve a purpose? Are there pages on your site that say “a whole lot of nothing”? Expand or enhance these pages to give them better merit for search ranking.  

Enhance Security Protocols to Prevent Hacking and User-Generated Spam

Poor website security could produce a Google penalty. Your site should be sufficiently protected against spammers, hackers, and unwanted users. Not only will this make your site look cleaner, but it will also provide a better experience for visitors.

After you address security issues, check the comments on your blog posts. You may even consider turning off your comment sections altogether if your site is persistently flooded with spam. Delete spam comments and block repeat offenders. Then moderate the comments moving forward.

Submit a Reconsideration Request after Completing All Repairs

Google has a “reconsideration request” option within the penalty description. Only submit a request once the site is completely fixed. This is the final step in the website repair process, and it may take time to receive a decision.

Assuming the penalty is removed, you should still monitor for penalties in the future. Resolve each one promptly to avoid long-term ranking consequences.

Detroit Internet Marketing Offers Website Repair for Google Penalties

A fully-functioning website requires the right balance of quality content, smooth navigation, fast loading speeds, and a positive user experience. Your site may need more than a quick edit to maintain strong lead conversions. Detroit Internet Marketing offers website repair services to fix broken links, enhance landing pages, and remove Google penalties.

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