What Is A Physical SEO Silo?

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physical seo silo

SEO siloing is a content organization strategy that could significantly improve your search engine ranking. If you are planning to implement this as part of your SEO strategies, you may want to decide if a physical or virtual SEO silo is best for you. Either option can improve your ranking for target keywords and enhance your search engine visibility. It’s all a matter of figuring out which option best suits your current needs. This guide explains what a physical SEO silo is so you can use it on your website.

Physical SEO Silo Definition

A physical SEO silo is a silo you create in the directory of your website. With a virtual silo, all of the connections within the silo are achieved through interlinking. With a physical silo, the connections are created in a more literal manner. Essentially, you will create folders on your website to represent each of your silos, and the pages within the folders are the supporting pages for the silo itself.

Implementing A Physical SEO Silo Structure

In our SEO siloing guide, we used the example of a dog food store specializing in wet and dry dog foods. We created the following silo structure:

  • Wet Dog Food Category Page
  • Beef Flavored Wet Dog Food
  • Salmon Flavored Wet Dog Food
  • Turkey Flavored Wet Dog Food
  • Quail Flavored Wet Dog Food
  • Chicken Flavored Wet Dog Food
  • Dry Dog Food Category Page
  • Chicken Flavored Dry Dog Food
  • Turkey Flavored Dry Dog Food
  • Beef Flavored Dry Dog Food
  • Pork Flavored Dry Dog Food
  • Deer Flavored Dry Dog Food

For a physical SEO silo structure, the URLs for the wet dog food pages may read as follows:

  • DogFoodSite.com/wet-food/chicken.html
  • DogFoodSite.com/wet-food/quail.html
  • DogFoodSite.com/wet-food/turkey.html
  • DogFoodSite.com/wet-food/salmon.html
  • DogFoodSite.com/wet-food/beef.html

As you can see, each of the subpages is under the “wet-food” directory on the website. There would most likely be a category page under the URL DogFoodSite.com/wet-food, with links pointing to the other pages in the silo.

Linking Within A Physical SEO Silo

Even though physical SEO silos are formed in the site’s directory, you can still link pages within a silo like you would with a virtual SEO silo. The key here is to only link to pages within the SEO silo. That way, search engines can see a clear grouping of webpages on your website with no outer linking going on. If you have to link to a page in another silo, link to the category page for that silo. This will show search engines that you are linking to a new topic and will help to maintain the separation between your silos.

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