How To Optimize Website Content For Multiple Keywords: Michigan SEO

multiple keywords

To get the most out of your SEO content, you should strive to target multiple keywords. In addition to the target keyword you use for the article, there are a variety of “niche keywords” you could incorporate for stronger search engine visibility. In this guide, we will explain how to optimize website content for multiple keywords so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

The Keywords Should All Be Related

The most important thing to remember when incorporating multiple keywords into SEO content is that the keywords themselves need to be related. Ideally, your secondary keywords will support your primary keyword in some way (Ex: “roofing contractor in Michigan,” “roofers in Michigan,” and “roofing company in Michigan”). If “roofing contractor in Michigan” is the primary keyword, you wouldn’t want “siding installers in Michigan” to be the secondary keyword. That detracts from the soul focus of the content, and it could hurt the search engine visibility for the original term.

Using related terms within the same piece of content is a process known as latent semantic indexing (LSI). LSI gives you a chance to use variations of the same keyword throughout a webpage or blog post to enhance the page’s authority for that word. For the reader, the content will flow without too much repetition. For Google, the niche keywords will register as natural repetition of the target keyword. Google will rank your content well, and visitors won’t feel like they’re getting a search term shoved down their throat.

Finding Alternate Keywords For SEO Content

Which secondary keywords should you target in your content? That depends on what you are writing about and whom you are writing for. Try running a Google search for your target word or phrase. Then look at common “People also ask” questions at the top of the page, as well as the “Searches related to…” at the bottom of the page. These will give you some ideas to play around with. If you already have a keyword pyramid with multiple levels of keywords, you can incorporate ones within the same sector of the pyramid as you write.

How Much Is Too Much?

As with any SEO content writing, you want the information to sound as natural as possible. Google’s algorithm is very intuitive. After years and years of updates, Google has found a way to tell when content is stuffed with unnecessary keywords. If you find yourself forcing keywords into sentences, you probably have too much going on. You would be better off highlighting the focus keyword naturally than shoving extra keywords haphazardly.

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