How To Accurately Measure Lead Generation

lead generation

Want to know just how effective your marketing efforts really are? If so, you have to find ways to track where your leads are coming from so you can see which campaigns are most successful. The guide below explains how to accurately measure lead generation across all of your marketing strategies, both online and offline. The more informed you are about you traffic sources, the more profits you will turn in the end.

Create Different Contact Sources For Different Marketing Efforts

It may be difficult to track leads when you use the same phone number and email address for all of your advertisements. Create a different phone number and email for each campaign so you can figure out where your leads are really coming from.

Getting Multiple Numbers

You can use a program like CallRail to create multiple phone numbers that all lead to the same line. Then you can review the account to determine which numbers are getting the most calls. Obviously the ones with the highest call volumes correspond to the most successful marketing campaigns.

Getting Multiple Email Addresses

You should be able to create multiple email accounts through your web hosting provider. If not, or if you simply do not like the options you get that way, you could pay for Google For Work to run your company emails through Gmail. Forward all of your email accounts to one central address and respond to clients accordingly.

Ask Your Customers How They Found You

You might be surprised by just how readily customers will explain how they found your company. You could ask at the beginning of a consultation by casually saying, “So, what brought you to us today?” or blatantly, “How did you find out about us?” If you get a consistent answer across the board, you know that marketing campaign is making your phone ring.

Communicate With Your Marketers Regularly

Talk to your marketing company about the current status of your promotional efforts. A good SEO agency or advertising firm will have analytics that they can provide to track your leads for you. You can see how your traffic levels have increased over time and where they could stand to be improved. Just note that it may take a while for your marketing efforts to really pick up the way you want them to. Stay patient, stay informed, and stay enthusiastic about your future. With the right attitude and the right team behind you, you can get great lead generation from your marketing efforts.