AI Generated Content vs. Human Written Content for SEO

Human Hand and Robot Hand Writing Content

Artificial intelligence has been a part of the internet since its inception. You have probably used AI in many ways without realizing it. However, AI-generated content has become extremely advanced in recent years – to the point that some people think it may replace the need for human content writers.

Are these concerns valid? Is this the beginning of the end for SEO writers? We don’t think so, but let’s look at the facts.

Artificial Intelligence Has Many Digital Marketing Applications

AI has tons of applications in digital marketing. We can use machine learning to optimize our ad campaigns, identify high-converting search terms, sift through spam, and categorize unquantifiable amounts of information in moments. SEO specialists need AI to create advanced and evolving digital marketing strategies.

The kicker here is that the AI doesn’t do all the work. There is still a person on the other end who puts the information to use. Think of the AI filters that are popular on social media apps. They can convert a person’s photo into a painting or cartoon, but they cannot replicate the creativity of a true artist. The same can be said for AI in SEO. 

AI-Generated Content Still Has Flaws

With regards to AI-generated content, it’s not foolproof yet. There are colloquialisms and sentence interpretations that technology doesn’t always get right.

You could test this for yourself using the popular editing platform Grammarly. This system can detect writing flaws and recommend alternative phrasings for sentences, but some of the suggestions are incorrect. We have had many instances where Grammarly recommends putting a comma in a sentence, but once we insert that comma, the system tells us to remove it. The error is marked either way.

AI-generated writing can fulfill many needs, but it requires a human review for final touches. No matter how sophisticated programs become, they still lack human experience.

Should I Use AI to Write Blogs and Webpages for My Website?

Artificial intelligence could yield quality writing for your website, but it’s important to review it closely before publishing. You could use AI to create the basis of a blog post and add your own spin to it in the editing stage. Take a moment to read through everything and fix parts that don’t sound quite right. Do not rely solely on AI for content creation.

There Is No Substitute for a Good (Human) Content Writer

This may be a biased statement, but we know there is no substitute for a good content writer. Many of our SEO writers have over a decade of experience creating content for the internet. They’ve seen changes in Google’s content policies. They’ve adjusted through shifting user intents and trends. They have human experience to incorporate into their writing, which means they can better understand the people on the other side of the screen.

AI-generated content often lacks the heart that comes with human-written content. That heart is what keeps users on the page and converts them into customers. Humans make mistakes just like machines do, but AI cannot feel like a human can.

Detroit Internet Marketing has a team of seasoned SEO writers who work hand-in-hand with our digital marketers and web designers. We create cohesive ad campaigns with both users and search engines in mind. In other words, our content is designed to rank well in Google but still read well for a consumer. This is the foundation of our digital marketing plans, and it has proven successful time and time again.

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