Why You Need Social Media Marketing as a Business Owner

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Having a social media presence when you own a business isn’t an option any longer. New or established, large or small, social media should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Social platforms offer so many benefits. Now only do they give you a way to conduct meaningful connections with customers, they help you foster and spread awareness about your brand. Finally, they can enhance your leads and sales, which is, after all, the whole reason you’re in business in the first place.

When you consider that 4.9 billion people in this world are on social media, you have to realize its reach and importance from a business standpoint.

Here’s what social media can do for your business:

Social Media Builds Awareness

It’s pretty difficult for people to become your customers if they can’t find you online. Because social media has an undeniable visibility factor, you can use it to cast a wider net and reach more people than you would without it. Not only can you communicate in real time with your customers, you can ask them questions, respond to comments, highlight reviews, and post polls. This is the best way to get at the core of what makes your audience tick.

Social Media Shows Authenticity

Dry, corporate-ish social media posts aren’t what people want to see clogging up their feeds. Promotional posts that tout the value of your products have a time and place, but what people really want to see is the real you. Use socials to showcase your brand’s personality so your voice properly represents who you are.

Social Media Encourages Engagement

By their very nature, social channels evolve and consistently release new features. If you’re not on board to harness this fast-changing environment while experimenting with new ways to connect with your audience, you’re behind the eight-ball. Switch it up every so often. Post a series of Instagram Stories one week to give people a behind-the-scenes look at your new office, or host a Q&A session on Facebook Live another day.

Social Media Communicates Authority

Customers support businesses they trust and believe in. Before they make the decision to buy from you, you can bet they will research your online presence thoroughly. What will they encounter? A stagnant presence or an updated, rich source of information? Create robust profiles, update your page frequently, and stock it with relevant content to build your brand’s authority. Above all, you want to give off an air of trustworthiness, knowledge and approachability.

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