Why Use A Professional Website Designer, You Can Make Your Website For FREE… Right?

Build Your Own Website

It’s true that there are a bunch of ways to design a website. Some are for FREE and some cost a low monthly amount. Some are expensive software programs that work offline. You can start from scratch or the majority of these use templates and lately some designing websites like homestead or Jquery try to allow for a more user-friendly experience.

Even Adobe is joining the user-friendly website design Troy MI marketplace with Muse and now Creative Cloud for on-line software access. Something I’ve noticed is that no matter how user-friendly developers try to make it to build a website, YOU STILL HAVE TO GET TECHNICAL TO MAKE THINGS WORK

The BAD NEWS With Designing Your Own Website

You will still have to learn how to edit code. Guaranteed! So if you aren’t familiar with HTML code, you will have to be. Just giving you a fair warning that there is a learning curve and it will take more time than you think to get your website to where you want it. No matter what the case is, there are problems with editors and how websites load on browsers. You will need to roll your sleeves up and get technical on the web. Already this can eat up time that you as a business owner don’t have.

And as a DIY web developer, do you even know how your site should look? What should it say? And is it SEO friendly? These are all vital website design questions that you really should have an expert answer for you.

Furthermore, your website will be your representation of your business on-line and there’s a lot that goes into it. You should have a strong message that is consistent with your off-line marketing as well. Detroit Internet Marketing always has a business-marketing meeting so that we are fully informed and trained about your business. Many of our clients were very impressed that we took the time to understand and pull the strong messages from them.

Website Design Is Complex And More Involved Than You Think
Designing your website isn’t an easy drag and drop as I have seen on 1and1.com commercials. Each element of the site and each webpage needs to be finely tuned and completed for fast loading and crisp graphics on any resolution. So what about your images? What about using any video? If you design your website yourself, you will still have to edit your images the correct way. Are you really thinking of using MS Paint for your company’s image editing software? Or do you happen to have a version of Photoshop that can itself run over $800. These are just some of the warnings and stumbling blocks you may run into when trying to do website design by yourself. Hey we should know, we had to start somewhere and go through the hurdles we are trying to explain to you. We recommend you delegate ALL of your online work to a professional team like website design Detroit Internet Marketing. This way you can keep your head in your business and help it grow more effectively than trying to do more than you need to.