Why Digital Marketing is so Important For Small Businesses

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You can’t run a small business these days without a digital marketing plan. You need to be seen, but you also need to be seen by all the right people at the right time. Digital marketing is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting new customers — and holding on to them.

This can be challenging to do on your own. But with a robust digital marketing agency Troy MI strategy behind you, your small business can start to reach new customers and develop a following. Here’s why digital marketing is so important for small businesses and what you can do to get started.

Digital Marketing: Defined

First off, what is digital marketing? This involves promoting a business or product online, providing an effective way to reach a large audience. Also known as online marketing, digital marketing refers to online marketing campaigns appearing on any number of devices, such as phones, tablets and computers. From display ads and SEO marketing to paid social ads and social media posts, digital marketing can be a standalone approach or can be used in conjunction with traditional marketing, such as direct mail, billboards, and magazine ads.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

From a broad geographic reach to easier personalization, there are many benefits to digital marketing. Here’s why your small business in Metro Detroit needs it. 

1.     Broad geographic reach

Posting online means anyone can see it no matter where they live. Not only does this make it easier to grow your market reach, it allows you to connect with a larger audience over many different digital channels.

2.     Cost efficiency

Digital marketing reaches a broader audience than traditional marketing does, and comes with a lower cost as well. Overhead costs for TV spots and newspaper ads can cost a small fortune, plus you don’t have as much control over whether your target audience will even see those messages. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach who you want to reach, when you want to.

3.     Quantifiable results

A good marketing strategy needs constant nurturing to see if what you’re doing is actually working. It’s easy to track your efforts to find out how many customers you’re attracting, what they’re engaging with, and how much revenue it’s driving. Results monitoring is simple with digital marketing platforms that can automatically track desired conversions, from email open rates to direct purchases.

4.     Easier personalization

With digital marketing, you can gather customer data to better target offers to each demographic, whether you’re looking to target young families, teens, or millennial entrepreneurs.

5.     More connection with customers

Digital marketing allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time, and vice versa. Social media marketing in particular is helpful with this, as you can create a post for your target audience, ask for feedback, receive it in real time, and respond as it’s all happening. Meet your customers where they are: nothing achieves this better than social media.

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