What Are Long Tail Keywords?

long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are short phrases that people search for on the internet. They are a crucial part of a successful SEO optimization strategy, especially for new websites trying to build up their search rankings. If you have heard about this concept and thought, “What are long tail keywords?” the information below may provide a better understanding of how these phrases contribute to your site’s SEO.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are phrases that visitors are likely to use in a search engine. For example, in order to find this article, you may have searched for “what are long tail keywords” in Google or another search engine. Long tail keywords may seem a little excessive and unnecessary, but they play a big role in a good SEO strategy. They allow you to connect with a bigger audience online and cover important topics your customers are actively searching for.

Different Types Of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords can come in many forms, depending on the type of website you run. There are many more long tail keywords to choose from than there are short keywords, for obvious reasons. Common examples include:

  • Location Keywords (Internet Marketing Detroit, MI)
  • Common Questions (What Are Long Tail Keywords?)
  • Services With Adjectives (Custom Website Design)
  • Descriptive Statements (Internet Marketing Tips)
  • Long Phrases (Internet Marketing Tips For Small Businesses)

Essentially any keyword that is three words or longer can be considered a long tail keyword. Once you identify the search terms people may use to come to your site, you can work these phrases into your webpages, blog posts, and other marketing content.

How Long Tail Keywords Impact Your Site’s SEO

If you incorporate long tail keywords into your keyword optimization, you will have rich content that sounds natural and still appears to search engines. Every good keyword pyramid has a layer of long tail keywords to build on. That is because these phrases have lower competition than the primary words you are trying to target.

For instance, “SEO” and “internet marketing” are two big keywords we might target for our SEO agency, but we still need to incorporate phrases like “What is search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing tips” into our articles to appeal to visitors at all levels.

Identify the long tail keywords that best represent your target audience, and then do what you can to use them in your content.