Turn Readers Into Buyers With These Blog Writing Tips

Convert Your Blog Readers Into Buyers

One of the main goals for every corporate blog is to generate leads. The idea here is that you draw people in with your blog posts and gain their trust. Then you convince them that your products and services are worthy of their hard earned money. The way you write your blog posts will have a major impact on your lead generation, and more importantly, your lead conversion. Follow these blog writing tips to turn your readers into buyers.

Quality Over Quantity

The number of blog post you write is not nearly as important as the quality of each post you put on your blog. Your readers want to see that you are a valuable source of information with a firm grasp on your industry. If you put up a bunch of generic articles, they will assume that everything you write is published fluff. Focus no making each of your posts worthy of reading, and people will trust you more.

Target The Exact Readers You Want

Want to grab someone’s attention? Write a blog post specifically for him. For instance, let’s say that you run a law firm for real estate investors. On your blog, you might have an article titled something along the lines of “Maximize Your ROI With These Commercial Real Estate Legal Tips.” The phrase “commercial real estate” will get your readers interested, and terms like “ROI” will make them want to click in to read more. Speak their language so they know you know what you’re talking about. You’ll get a whole lot of conversions that way.

Promote When The Time Is Right

It’s always a good idea to promote your business in your blog posts, but you can’t do that for every single article. You need to weave in these promotions periodically so they seem natural. For instance, if you are giving people tips on how to do something at home, you might throw a tidbit in the end about getting the same service from a professional. That’s where your information goes. If you’re writing about news or current events, it would be best to leave your business out of the post.

Write What Matters To Your Audience

How-to articles usually don’t convert well, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth having on your blog. Reach out to your audience with articles they truly want to read, and they may discover your great products and services along the way.