Top 20 Citation Resources For Local SEO: Part 3

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So far, we have already found local citation resources that explain what citations are and how they can impact your business. In the last segment of our top 20 citation resources for local SEO series, we will provide you with information about helpful resources for finding, checking, and modifying your local business listings. Discover what your business looks like on the internet, and then you can ensure that your local citations are consistent across the web.

How Can I Find My Local Citations?

If you want to know what your local citations already look like, there are several sites that will help you track citations for your business. Doing this will help you see areas where your local citations may be lacking, and it will also let you verify consistency in your business NAP (name, address, phone number). If your NAP is not consistent across your local citation sources, you will need to go about editing the incorrect information.

Here are some convenient tools for finding local citations:

  • WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder – Costs anywhere from $17 to $100 a month, depending on the services you choose.
  • Places Scout Software For Local SEO Services – Costs $197 for three months but includes a keyword generator, client finder, local rank tracker, citation finder, and reputation management module.
  • Google NAP Checker – Look at “Method #2” in this resource to learn how to use Google and other search engines to check competitor citations and NAP information.

How Can I Check My Local Citations?

If you would like to check your local citations for accuracy, you could either visit every citation source online individually, or you could use a local listings scan tool to quickly compare everything at the same time. Most of these tools will show you the NAP listed on the citation source, so you can correct any issues that may arise.

Here are some tools to help you check your local citations:

What Category Is Right For My Local Business Citations?

Your business can fall into a number of categories for local citations. You have to determine which category is right for you. Are you a “dentist” or are you a “dental clinic,” “oral surgeon,” “cosmetic dentist,” etc.? Choosing the right category on your own can be a challenge, but there are some helpful tools on the web to point you in the right direction. These include:

When all else fails, see what category your direct competition puts itself in and use that as inspiration for your own categorization.

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