Rich Snippets for Stand-out Search Results

If you own a website, chances are you’ve googled yourself many times to see what your search results look like. If you have done your SEO homework and optimized your website, you would typically find a headline (page title) that is a clickable link to your site, with a brief description underneath explaining what the page is about and a specific call to action. Now, depending on the content material of your website, google is enhancing the search results and using what is called “Rich Snippets” that make particular ones stand out.

For websites that deal with recipes, events, product reviews, movie times, and song lists, among many others, rich snippets will list more information related to the particular search. This makes the listing stand out more.

Here are examples to highlight the difference:

Rich Snippets Example and’s search results contained more than just words. The start rating of the restaurant according to reviews, price range, and cuisine type are in the result as well.

For the pizza recipe, it contains a photo of the pizza, it lists the review rating, the cook time, and the calorie count!

An album search result displays each track of the album, which are each clickable individually, so the searcher can go directly to the song they may have been looking for. As a searcher, when you want to find something quickly, aren’t you more likely to click on the result that provides more information off the bat? Plus, using colors and images throughout makes the listing stand out among the others provided on the page.

Rich snippets are especially helpful for ecommerce websites, as you can have particular products listed with their prices, and consumers can click directly on the product they want.

Rich snippets are not difficult to create, but they will only work when particular guidelines in the meta data and page content are followed. Google has to know what the page is about first before it will display this much information. So the first step to getting Rich Snippets is making sure your website is search engine friendly and contains content that is keyword-rich and meta data that is clear and concise. There are methods to helping Google understand content of your pages and guidelines to follow in order to have Google display your Rich Snippets in the search results.

Your professional Detroit internet marketing agency can determine if your website is a good candidate for Rich Snippets. Contact Detroit Internet Marketing to see if they will work for you!