Making The Most Of Gmail For Business

Using Gmail And Other Google Apps For Your Business

Gmail is one of the leading email providers on the internet, and a lot of companies now use the paid version of it for their businesses. A business Gmail account allows you to run emails hosted on your domain through the Gmail platform. If you’ve ever tried to go through the minimal email options on a hosting site like GoDaddy, you’ll see this as a great alternative. Here are some tips to help you make the most of Gmail for business.

Get Familiar With Gmail

If you’ve never used Gmail before, sign up for a free account first to try it out. The business version is nearly identical in the way it functions, so you will get a good idea of how your emails will work. Compose a fake email to see how attachments work, including large files that must be downloaded to Google Drive. If you explore it and like it, you can consider using it for your company.

Use The Canned Response Option

Canned Response allows you to save common messages that you can share with multiple parties later on. For instance, let’s say you want to send out a monthly reminder to all of your employees without having to BCC everyone to the same email. You can use Canned Response to send the same template email to multiple people just by changing the names and addresses on them. If you want to customize elements of the emails for each group of people, you can. Otherwise, send out the same information with a touch of personalized flair.

Learn To Use Gtalk

If you already use Skype to instant message clients and employees, feel free to stick with that. Since you’re paying for Gmail though, you might as well see what their IM platform has to offer. You can maintain a record of the conversations you have with other Gmail users, both in your network and on Gmail as a whole, by referring to the “chats” section of your email account. This could be a great reference area in the future.

Combine Email Accounts

If you want your business emails to also show up in your personal account, you can opt to have them forwarded through Gmail. Ideally, you should set it so that you still keep a copy of the email in your business account for record keeping. If you set up the import correctly, you should be able to respond from your personal email account using your business email address. Then no one has to know where you are when you answer an email.

Learn all about Gmail before using it for your business, and you might be surprised by how much it could do for you. We use it for our own business communications at Detroit Internet Marketing and we highly recommend their services to help your business get the most out of Google.