Website Writing Guide: How To Write A Services Webpage

Services webpage

The Services page on your website provides an overview of the services and solutions you provide through your company. If you are a store, you may have product category pages instead of the Services page. This website writing guide is get dedicated to businesses like roofing companies, construction companies, window cleaning companies, dentists, doctors, and the like who need to convey their abilities to their readers. Check out the information below to learn how to write a Services webpage for your website.

Information To Include On Your Services Webpage

Your Services page needs to contain all of the information someone would want to know about your services. This is almost like a sales pitch and a presentation rolled into one. You want to highlight your abilities so people will be more likely to work with you. Some important attributes to add in your Service page include:

  • Popular Services Representing High Traffic Search Terms
  • Definitions Of Services People May Not Be Familiar With
  • Your Experience In Each Service
  • Links To Child Webpages (See Below) li

The specific information you include on each Service page will depend on the industry you work in and the type of clients you work with. Address all their important questions on your Services page so they feel comfortable requesting your assistance.

Category Pages And Individual Service Pages

You could simply create one webpage that highlights all of your services at once, but most businesses need more than that to fully explain their abilities. In this case, you will want to set up your website so that you have a category page for specific type of service, which link to child pages that go over each service individually. For example, you may have a category page for residential roofing and then subpages for roof repair, roof replacement, new roof installation, etc.

Having a wide range of category service pages for people to read through will not only improve the value of your website content, but also create more landing pages for people to potentially find your site through. This is a keyword optimization gold mind that you need to take advantage of.

Don’t Forget To Add Your Phone Number!

Your phone number should be featured at the top, middle, and bottom of your Services page. This is a giant call to action trying to convince people to reach out to you. You need to give them a lot ability to do so. Don’t just assume that someone will scroll up to the top of your Services page and click on the Contact Us link at the in the menu. You want to make matter that as convenient as possible. Provide a phone number on several levels so your client can reach out to you, and they will be requesting quotes for their services in no time.

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