Website Writing Guide: How To Write A Product Description

product description

Product descriptions tell people the information they want to know about a product before they make a purchase. This is essentially a written commercial designed to convince the customer to place an order. By providing the right information in your product descriptions, you can convert leads into sales and generate higher profits in the long run. Here is a quick and easy website writing guide explaining how to write a product description.

Information To Include In Your Product Description

Your product description needs to be customized to the types of products you sell. A tangible product, like an article of clothing or an electronic device, will have a lot different information on its description than a downloadable product, like an eBook or piece of software. Examples of information to include in your product descriptions include:

  • Size And Dimensions (Length, Width, Height)
  • Weight
  • Use Or Purpose
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Condition (Especially If You Sell New And Used Items)
  • Prerequisites, Like Computer Specs Or Other Tools Necessary To Use The Product
  • Alternative Names
  • Color

Think about what your customers want to know about each product individually and provide that information in an easy-to-read platform. Consider all frequently asked questions about the product when you create your descriptions, and you will get plenty of sales in the future.

How To Enhance Your Product Descriptions To Increase Sales

Simply writing out information about the product is not enough to make a product description successful. You need to include the right information and present it in the right manner to convince people to place an order. Here are some quick tips to help you do that.

  • Use bullet points to highlight important features and product specifications.
  • Avoid overly wordy statements. Get straight to the punch line.
  • Write out frequently asked questions with answers to support them. This will help your product shows that better in searches.
  • Bold important words throughout the description so people are automatically drawn to them.
  • Include user reviews if possible so people can make informed purchases they feel comfortable with.

Selling a product is about more than uploading quality images of the items to your website. The words you write to support those pictures could make or break your sale. Use enticing language that drives people to add the item to their cart and you will quickly see a boost in sales.

Should I Invest In Professional Copywriting For My Product Descriptions?

There are several ways to go about getting product descriptions for your website. You can try to write the content on your own, you can cheaply outsource the content to people overseas, or you can pay a professional content writer to create the descriptions for you. You will obviously spend more to work with a professional writer, but you have to determine if that money will generate better sales in the end.

If you get a really good writer to work with, your descriptions will usually pay for themselves. Your writer will understand how to incorporate important keywords and sales language to make your customers want to buy your item. Get a quote for your copywriting services, and you might be surprised by how easily you can cover your costs with you return on investment.

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