Website Writing Guide: How To Write A Contact Us Webpage

Contact Us Webpage

The Contact Us page for your website provides people with the information they need to get in touch with you. There are some key elements that every contact webpage should contain, no matter what industry you may be in. In the website writing guide below, you will learn how to write a Contact Us webpage to generate the best leads and the most consistent traffic possible.

Information To Include On Your Contact Us Webpage.

Every Contact Us web page is a little different, but they all contain these key elements:

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Customer Service Email Address
  • Fax Number (optional)
  • Physical Address (Optional)
  • Hours Of Operation

The specific information that you include on your Contact Us page will depend on how you want people to reach you. If there are multiple executives in your business that all had individual phone numbers and email addresses, you may want to include all of that information on your Contact Us page. The same goes if you have different phone numbers or email addresses for departments in your business.

The goal is to get your customers in touch with the right people from the start so you can secure their business in the future. Adjust your content accordingly.

How To Create A Valuable Contact Form

Most websites have a contact form on their Contact Us page that allows people to email the business without having to use an actual email provider. If you are going to do this, you need to make sure that the fields available provide enough information for you to reach back out to the customer. At the very least, there should be a place for the person to put his name, email address, and nature of the contact so you can have a general idea of how to respond. You may have to provide drop down menus with specific services people may want to know more about. If there is any other information you would want, such as square footage to provide a home remodeling quote, create a way for your clients to include that information. That way, you have less to ask about in person.

Add Other Information To Make Your Contact Page More Approachable

Don’t just leave your contact information on the page and expect them to use it. Indicate the different methods people can use to reach out to you, and thank the people for sharing an interest in your business. You may also want to include information about how long it will take for you to respond. The typical response time for an email is about 24 to 48 hours, or 1-3 business days.

Don’t Forget Your Social Media Accounts!

If you have accounts on Google My Business, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social network, make sure to include that information on your Contact Us webpage. This provides people with more options for connecting with you, so they can reach out in the way they feel most comfortable. Engage with people on your social networking accounts, and you will generate sales like never before.

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