How to Make Your Blogs Hit Their Mark

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With about seven million blogs posted every day and more than 600 million total blogs on the Internet as of May 2023, it can seem a little daunting to come up with a creative idea that will snag the attention of your audience. But snag them you must: blogs give you more shareable content than your product or service pages can achieve alone, and they’re an ideal way to educate your customers while creating connections with your brand.

It takes some dedication, patience and creativity on your part to come up with regular blog post ideas that are not only relevant but interesting as well. Having a professional copywriter in Metro Detroit on your side is a smart idea, but here are some tips on how you can get more bang for your buck with your blogs.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the first step in the process. You may think you know what kinds of content your target audience is craving, but you may not be approaching it in the most efficient way. Maybe your product is cosmetics and your target audience is teenage girls. So you put out a 2000-word post about how to choose the best lipstick. Does this mean your audience will spend the time to read through thousands of words? Not likely.

Or maybe you’re an engineer who wants to talk about the inner workings of something you sell online. A long convoluted post about your product with complex words and concepts may go over well with other engineers, but to the average layperson looking to understand what you do, this isn’t the best way to get that across.

Don’t assume what content your audience will want to read. You run the risk of them skipping over the whole thing entirely. Learn your buyer personas through:

  • Online or social media surveys.
  • Monitoring your industry with tools like Ahrefs and BuzzSumo.
  • Talking to customer-facing staff: Ask your customer service teams what questions they are getting from clients and what they are struggling with.
  • Talk to customers: Encourage feedback and ask them outright what they want to see more of and what they want less of.

Analyze the Competition

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to get familiar with your competition. Research who your biggest competitors are in the area, and see what they’re writing about. Visit their social media pages to find out what they are doing better then you in terms of branding and customer connection.

Now that you know what the “enemy” is doing, you can do it better.

Come Up With a Unique Writing Style

Your fans should instantly recognize your writing, and to do that you need to come up with a unique writing style that’s not only recognizable but consistent throughout your blogs and all the content on your site.

Delve Into Detail

Longer content ranks best in search engines. Try to make each blog at least 1800 words for the best results. So what will you talk about for nearly 2000 words? It can’t just be fluff. Go into detail, add stats, be relevant, stay up to date, and dig deep.

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