How to Define Your PPC Goals

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As a local business looking to gain visibility online, you can use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to stay ahead of the competition while maximizing hidden opportunities. But first, you need to create an effective PPC campaign which all starts with creating a campaign in Google Ads and defining your goals. Partnering with a PPC expert skilled in data-driven marketing in Metro Detroit is the first step. Here are some other tips.

Raise Brand Awareness

A PPC campaign that is focused on driving brand awareness will help you boost the visibility of your business, and the services and products it produces. Snagging new audiences who may be unaware of what you offer is key. They will only become paying customers when they know about you. Brand awareness campaigns will help them enter the sales funnel and then hopefully become customers.

You will want to create brand awareness ads particularly when you decide to enter a market saturated with established players, when you launch a new product or service, or when you expand your reach to new regions.

Increase Web Traffic

A PPC campaign focused on increasing website traffic will bring more potential customers to your site where you can then learn more about them and what they think of your content. You can then use that information to optimize your website for conversions down the road.

That’s because website visits reveal vital information about users, such as which geographic area they hail from, what pages they engage with most, which devices they’re on, and where they exit your site.

Drive Sales

If your goal is to drive sales, you need to get your products or services seen by the right people at the right time – basically when they are ready to buy. To encourage buyers to take the next step, showcase your positive reviews, offer discounts, and detail your return policy. If you are a brick-and-mortar business, narrow down your sales campaigns to a single city.

Generate Leads

Lead generation campaigns bridge gaps between your business and prospective customers. To make that connection, offer free trials, white papers on best practices, and free consultations. 

Setting PPC Campaign Goals


From identifying business needs to pinpointing challenges, there are many steps involved in setting your PPC campaign goals.


·      Identify Business Needs: Know what your current needs are because they will change over time. 

  • Identify Challenging and Achievable Goals: A good rule of thumb is to set Google Ads campaign goals that pose a challenge yet are still within reach via strategic and data-driven planning.
  • Set Short- and Long-Term Goals: Set weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual goals on your campaigns to set yourself up for a steady growth curve.
  • Focus on Output: Your end goal is to have aprofitable outcome, so don’t focus too much on input or strategy.

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