How To Boost Your Web Traffic This Summer

Summer can be a great time to boost your web traffic because students and teachers are out of school. Some of these people may go on vacation, but a lot of them will spend their summers hacking away at the World Wide Web. If you want to take advantage of the new visitors this season can bring to you, read on to see how to boost your web traffic this summer.

Have A Summer Special

People love summer specials. They are drawn into them like Black Friday sales. The type of special you run will depend on the type of business you have. If you run a store, you might want to run a discount on something summer related (swimwear, barbecues, etc.). If you run a construction company, you could offer a discount on labor related to summer activities, like deck or pool installation. Think about what your customers want this summer and start a promotion that accommodates that.

Take Advantage Of Offline Advertising

You can use offline advertising to bring people to your website. If your business sees a boost of clients coming to you in person, direct them all to your website and social media pages. You could offer a special discount in your office for anyone who likes and shares one of the blog posts on your site. You could also promote any sales you have going on online. Make the most out of your offline marketing, and you will soon have a thriving website.

Create Summer Savvy Content

If you write your own content for your blog, consider theming some of your posts around the summer. The page you are reading right now is a prime example of that. You might write a post about saving energy over the summer or planning a vacation on a budget. Just make sure it fits the nature of your business and the needs of the season as well.

Try Something Totally New

Now may be the perfect time to start a new adventure online. You could start a YouTube channel and make a short video promoting your business. You could start a blog and get content rolling in for it. You could add a new service to your website that you have never had before. That’s all up to you. Take this opportunity to explore new ideas with your website, and you will not be disappointed.